1. Kourtney Bell on

    She set that House on Fire !!! Yas mam I hope the lil Boy ain’t dead but casualties of war. I knew he didn’t know she was pregnant lol rosealeee slick she had to k.o Too big 4 his Britches James lol and you see ol girl was driving the wagon I loooooved it !!!!!

  2. Ladonna Smith on

    Love love love this season so much action and kick ass! I know that all of this probably didnt happen in real life but its good to know that slaves wasn’t as dumb as they portrayed them to be. Can’t wait for next week

  3. Dang! He done showed them the safe house… Ugh! Such a snitch! I know they had them, but to see it first hand… SMH.

    How sexy did Noelle look, fighting for his wife! Mmmmm lol

    And I love me some Roselee (spell check)

    This episode was a lot of action. I love how they plan ahead. I had no idea she was letting out gas in the house. I knew she was up to something but what! And Noelle was so mad he didnt tell her she was pregnant.. Y’all saw the look he gave her.. Lol.
    Underground is given me FEVER! Chiiile I love it!

  4. I need more… The best programme ever … Love all the action. Burn that woman’s house down YESssssssssssssss

  5. Lottie Marie Cade on

    Amazing amazing show powerful. I love it. They had a brainwashed into thinking there is no way to get from under them. Its sad when you think you have to run for what belongs to you. My God. Many people did this its real. A powerful people

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