1. I was telling my friend that rosa lee brother james wasn’t gonna leave the big house because he was brain wash by the mistress. The only one that can james out of that house is his mother steen!
    thanks y’all!

    • so true, the mistress as messed up as it is probably took him in as her own child, or molested him because as you can recall before they were going to sell of Rosa lees mom on the way to the auction she was talking about sleeping with slaves or something like that ridiculous, I’m so upset with how rosa lee got burnt in the face I’m so upset. Kano’s an evil being.

    • I was thinking James is too clever for his own good , I feel like James told on Rosa lee so that she would stay on the Macon w/him and not leave him again . Remember 2 faces & when James had to make count , for cotton and how he stitched together his bag . Anyway I know he’s defiantly is his mothers child . Very Smart young boy !

    • I don’t even think she can get him out. He is beyond brain washed! He thinks he is one of them now and is living a luxurious life compared to what he briefly experienced in season one working out in the cotton fields.

  2. Ya cause the white slave carriers are evil. Sad to say but just about every white women I befriended has did me wrong. So I don’t trust them at all. On the positive note they will get out they always do.

  3. Hi are u uploading ladt nights episode? And can you upload Deuces the Movie with Larenz Tate and Meagan Good? Thanks for all we appreciate you!❤

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