1. I didn’t enjoy this episode at all …that monologue should be cut up in between scenes of characters …..I didn’t watch the whole thing I couldn’t take it……

    • What people are seeming to miss about this episode is that Harriet is explaining the Whole reason why the Underground railroad was started! Which birthed this show, some people need to open their minds!

    • What people are seeming to miss about this episode is that Harriet is explaining the Whole reason why the Underground railroad was started! Which birthed this show, some people need to open their minds!

  2. AMAZING 🙌🏾 Her testimony resonated and provided a vision of how hard our ancestors fought for freedom. The writers tied the past and present day “Make America Great Again” This episode was captivating and an eye opener, the fight is not over. There’s still so much to be done.

  3. Wow! Just Wow! I feel for all those people who watch this show and didn’t get the message. For all those who felt like it was not need….. This WAS so needed! Look pass this series to just be entertainment. Look pass all the eye candy and everything thing else. This show has a message and Chiiiile… This episode gave me CHILLS!! If you listened to what she was saying. OMG! It’s speak on what we are dealing with now. Our every day fight! I almost cried. And when she said ‘I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of seeing me cry! Lord! Yasssss! I stopped those tears.. This episode was everything! SMH. People y’all gotta #WakeUP this was more the entertainment! This was a message we all needed to hear. This was deep… Wow! Just Wow! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • Yes,yes,yes 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Awesome,awesome and awesome. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. God truly used her to speak Harriet Tubman heart.

    • Lottie Marie Cade on

      Amen Sweetie I feel extremely sorry for those who thought this was a waste. What our people and heritage suffered was REAL and the most extreme pain. It caused a lot of dysfunction and crack in our foundations. This was brilliant to be added we can not move forward without knowing our history. I’ve always admired Harriet Tubman and in 3rd grade my teacher told me you have to play her. I did not understand then but boy do I know she is the lady Moses!

  4. OMG! I couldn’t watch the entire thing. This entire episode is a monologue. The more creative thing to do would’ve been to spread this out over the entire season. …just my opinion.

  5. Real artist using their gifts to inspire greatness. The best show out. 53 mins of pure art. She did an amazing job to embody Harriett the way she did. “Make America Great Again” just really did a 360. ✊🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾😍

  6. That was food for my soul. The end of the monologue was definitely a message for the present day, as she speaks looking directly into the camera. Yessss. She also said she learned not to push people to freedom. Let the sheep sleep.

  7. Wow. So powerful, beautiful, and inspiring. I’m so glad that they did this episode like this. It talks to the soul of humanity, for then and now. Also acted so well by Aisha Hinds. Congratulations on a job well done, to everyone involved. (I never leave comments that’s how much it touched me.)

  8. Beautiful Mallory on

    Yes. This was the best episode by far. Her imagery took me to a place as if I was there in that time. I felt her pain and her victory. This was needed. This generation needs to understand the sacrifices made for them. Thanks for this!

  9. I was thinking wow is she really just gonna talk the entire episode. However making it to the end was worth it. I loved how it tied in to current events. Awesome twist.

  10. This was a great episode. That was a very powerful performance. Some of the words she spoke about pertaining to God resignated deeply with me with brought great understanding. I took a lot away from this performance. I felt her victory as well as her triumphs. Man I can believe I just watched something so unique.🙏🏾

  11. This scene was relevant as hell…some you can’t forget this woman is the face of the underground railroad….and the scene was so damm spot on …..i was like …..this show never fails me…..👏👏👏👏

  12. This monologue is the most powerful of all the episodes. Those who dont get it put yourself in her shoes at that time. listen to the words. It applies to today in your own personal life. Its applies to your own personal goals.

  13. If you love and know your history you can understand this monologue to the fullest. This show give us information of how it was then and it has not changed too much for us and what we need to do.

    Love this who and the messages that are included.

  14. Although I am not one to sit through a monolouge, I definitely watched this one from start to finish. The message was deep and relates to many of the plights we face today. I found myself feeling uplifted and encouraged. Every 5 minutes I would say I need to change the channel but found myself glued to the TV. This episode had a message honey and if you aren’t WOKE yet, it’ll definitely plant the seeds.

  15. I enjoyed listening to the message this episode was unique in itself no need for negative events this episode..It was used to get a message out there and show how it’s still very present and relevant in what’s going on today. Well needed that needed to be recorded on a cd or tape for people to listen to maybe while driving or cleaning their houses ect this message was powerful👌🏼 Unfortunately, Some people just aren’t in the position to receive it oh well their loss not ours

  16. I Loooooooove this show! I got chills! The last 2 minutes apply to our world today! This show is the shizznit!

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