• i just dont see rosalee being able to escape for a third time..&& cato is such an enemie when its rosalee && noah who helped him escape

  1. So sad season is over😣😳😞😢😭! This episode has me angry I have to wait for the next! So good!

  2. what does the ending mean? is she tricking the guy to get to the arsenal? im confused who is the guy? where is she? this episode was so good. i dont even remember if i moved the entire time. wow. i hope its not cancelled so we can see season 3. please!!

  3. Who cares who is first I am the PRINCESS and that’s the only thing that matters. So who cares about first, second or third. I am princess and I reign. NOW HOW ABOUT THAT!!!! SMOOCHIES LADIES Y’ALL ARE SO FUNNY Y’ALL MAKE MY DAY OR NIGHT.

  4. Been crying like a baby and Cato cheering Cato on for shooting Patty but that was premature, I’m sure. Noah finding his baby after running through that field shooting brought me to tears. This better not be the last. Will faint! Until next time family!

  5. I don’t understand Cato. I knew he was gonna backstab that white lady eventually because he doesn’t like being controlled by ANYONE. But why is he still going after Rosalie? I dnt get why he hates her and Noah so much. I dnt understand his reason for even coming back to the United States in the beginning of the season. What’s his end game?

    • Katie Minnis on

      Like his Indian girlfriend told him before he betrayed even her. He is just a ‘bad man’.He thrives of being miserable and seeing others hurt. I think he wants them to plead and have to say thanks to him so he can feel like he is ‘Lord of the Manor’

  6. Lottie Marie Cade on

    God this was so painful to see. I know in my heart they will find each other. I think rosalee mama and that guy will end up together? God cato is so underhanded he is just unhappy and want to see Noah hurt because of Jealousy. Lord please don’t let this be the end

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