1. Ashley came to Giselle for advice about telling Robyn. She did nothing wrong the way I see it they all came at Ashley and she stood her ground. There was shade left and right but she’s the one apologizing?! Ashley has a good heart and fiesty spirit. I wish her the best and hope her marriage gets better. Karen such a OG lol she never admit it tho

  2. @FE totally agree with you. I think they bully Ashley a bit apart from Monique. Maybe there jealous of her because she is young

  3. I use to like Gizelle but she is appearing to be a “Bully” and a bit insecure when anyone NEW comes into the group. She was being rude and making shady remarks at that Monique’s house.
    I cried after listening to Karen’s testimony at her event. She is my “Shero” and she is so strong she has helped so many ppl with her story. She did the same thing to Ashley when she came and now she is doing it to Monique. I am so glad Sherrice is getting back on track. Men come and go hunnie. God will send you the Boaz you need. I don’t agree with how Ashley provided the info to Gizelle regarding her friend. If Ashley was that concerned she should have told Gizelle in a private platform not lurking around in a kitchen gossiping about Robin. She was clearing BEING messy & it aint NONE of her freaking business. That is why she is getting DRUG in this episode. Sweep around your own door boo. Now she is getting some of those same stones she threw at Sherrice about her man and Robin. Fool your in a parking lot getting shaded by your man. Have several seats miss.

  4. ummmm about Kevin…I’m not really feeling that joke/innuendo about his peen size to Black Bill Gates wife…. and being all touchy feely with Black Bill Gates wife…

  5. I love Ashley she is straight up and tell it like it is…the rest of the girls are messy ass hell oh and I love Robyn but she is a follower behind Giselle….

  6. We need more shows 353. Post some other Real Housewives, Black Ink Chicago, Second Wives Club ! Come on we need more reality tv intertainment ! Please !

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