1. How a chick that don’t even know the word “trick” has 5 letters going to talk about someone’s education…smh Giselle looking like a real hater this season. She must not know how ugly it’s making her look.

  2. Ashley is really irritating. I hate how people love to tell a story of what someone did to them but won’t say wat they did to someone else. Ashley Cherise and Robyn are reacting to the you butting in on their marriage not because they just want to bully you. Don’t light the match and than drop the stick. You dish it you should take it. Gizelle I liked you a lot last season but you are so bothered by Monique that it’s making them green eyes greener sweetheart. Yoou look so jealous and envious. Every thing Monique do you exaggerate. Talking about she slammed her phone in your face wth she’s crazy for that. Robyn let it go. Karen I love that you were able to tell such a heartbreaking story. Rape on college campuses are really high and less likely to be reported and addressed in a timely manner. So thank you for sharing taht story.

  3. I have no idea why these ladies still hang out, im sure in real life they are not friends at all, Gizelle is sooooo jealous its silly, and her makeup is so casket ready, I wish Monique would stop holding back and tell her ol pale, barbie doll hair weave wearing ass off, clearly she still think her shit dont stink.

  4. When is Robin gonna just leave the ex alone. She thinks he wants her, he clearly whispered to the producer he didn’t want to be with her or even in her household. Giselle was really pretty lady season now she looks old and aging fast. Lil miss Ashley is hood after all. Some one please remove that mole from Karen’s mouth. And Monique Monique Monique……..

  5. Gizelle envy is written all over your face 😔 Monique was trying to be the bigger person but your envious ass can’t see that. Ashley is nosey but I like her 😉 she’s fiesty too! Robyn trying to hold on to something that’s not there. You don’t have to be in the same household to raise your boys. Pretty they’re gonna figure out that mommy & daddy are on two different pages & clearly you just hurting yourself more. Get out of this situationship😒 you deserve so much better

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