• I take it you’re not married!!! By the laws of God within a marriage… the husband is supposed to come before all including children!! Now me personally, I treat my children at a high level and my husband at a high level beside them… but technically he should be higher than them

      • “I take it you’re not married”…..that’s a real confrontational response and a very judgmental statement. Better you had said something like “I take it you aren’t familiar with the teachings in the bible (____then insert specific verse here___)”. Because not all legal marriages are done religiously, which is why not all married or non-married people may not be familiar that according to the bible your husband should in fact come before your children. But even with that it does not mean the children is less or more important than the husband. It’s more than that……. #justsaying. And in all honestly you can’t “take” anything, don’t make assumptions, ask people. And “technically” you ain’t following the “laws of God” then-_- cause as you said your husband is level with your kids.

  1. Ashley wanted the restaurant and now that it’s here she’s complaining, she seems to have a short attention span, if she has a kid and gets bored what’s next

  2. Episode 4?????? Braxtons episode 5???? What is going on????????????? And we asked for Greenleaf?????? Does anyone know any other sites that have these shows? I am sick of this sites bullshit! Potomac is about to come on again!!!

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