1. The Indian theme was odd and made me cringe. The red dot and feathers have religious/spiritual meaning not meant to be a costume. Imagine a bunch of white people throwing an african theme party wearing dashikis and head wraps. It’s just weird. Im glad Karen’s husband chose to infuse African in the theme.

  2. So basically Karen is doing a rent to own. I did that when I bought my house and renting for 24 months in order to pay on the down payment is how it works, then you decide if you’re going to buy the house or not. She’s not fooling anyone

  3. Ashley is a pretty lady and I like her, until she opens her mouth, she had so much to say about everyone else when she needs to pay attention to her own business… These ladies are just a group of fake friends, smdh. Cant be happy for one another always shade.
    Ready for REUNION

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