1. Pretty_kitty16 on

    Gizzelle is so full of ish!!!! She is damn sure jealous of Monique. Monique has done nothing but try to be cordial with her and Gizzelle just keep acting

  2. Charrise always sound drink.. She is a secret drunk..
    Ashley flirting she need to cut it out stop
    Gizelle plastic face.. Ugh gets on nerves.. I don’t get how her wigs be done but she dont her kids hair anyways..
    Robyn boys got a smart mouth.. That need to get popped in.. And she didnt say anything wow not. U watch ur tone or something.. Who care what jaun think let him be mad damn she dumb..

    Im done

  3. I’m on the fence with Karen sometimes I like her than other times I’m like you know she need to stop pushing like she is so Regal Gisele is the one who’s insecure I don’t know where she got the word insecure and Monique in the same sentence I didn’t see any insecurities then she went on to say you wouldn’t be where you are if you didn’t have your husband’s money but when you married what is his is yours and let’s not talk about your whole ass Minister husband hoen Ashley’s pretty feisty she pretty tough she don’t back down to nobody she has went up against all of them I anyhow I hope Giselle and Monique turn the corner because it’s really Giselle that’s the problem quit Throwing Shade could being jealous because that’s exactly what it is Hayden how you going to hate on somebody you just seen on site and she is talking and but she’s cool

  4. I like Monique she brings a good vibe to RHOP. And I believe Gizzele (spell check) is coming off jealous. But that’s how it appears from a edit..

  5. Damn Karen sure had alot to say in the end about Charisse. Are any of these women real friends smh
    I love loved Robyn’s outfit for the sunset cruise & she should date. She deserves more than what Juan is giving her right now
    Monique is my favorite f😍 she’s tough & sweet 💋

  6. Had to watch this episode twice lol. I love that Monique doesnt stoop to Gisele level. I think Gisele was really trying to get Monique to fight her but she didn’t and thats what I love about Monique she is classy. These women bicker a lot but they truly are on another level from all the other shows that have black women fighting and throwing drinks every episode. Plus all of them married rich men so you know they’re smart women lol.

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