• teaira

    Candice is soooooo evil and that’s kind of what the brother get Hannah keep trying to tell him but he won’t listen…. soo mr future president knows all this stuff about her but don’t know her son was killed 🤔

    • Sylvia Nthenya

      Eps 19 mr.president is seen telling candace that Q jnr is dead
      At times i hate benny for being blinded by the sister,that love is silly

  • Rose

    I knew it…..i said it last week. Candice will let Bennie take the fall. Poor Bennie, i feel so sorry for him, but he did not listen to his mom. Candice and charles deserve each other they are pure evil. I cant wait for that bitch to find out her son is dead. She needs to feel some pain.

  • Jai Lo’Tise

    Imma go out on a limb and say, she is NOT going to give up her brother. The ending was too dramatic. I HOPE she will use her “Candice ways” and get that man outta the running.