• Drea

    Beat Ya!

    • Iris

      So What???

  • Keisha Bryant

    Lawwwd if Anna didn’t play the hell out of that part myyyy god I’m crying so hard maannnnn .I can’t stand war killem dead

    • Teaira

      Right she had me crying too lol but while you at it kill Candace ass to

    • I’m with you. HANNAH is a great actress. I’m not ready for War to die off yet. He’s got to go to war with Candice and the Mr. Crier. Jeffrey and Benny has to trap Veronica but I really think it’s gonna be Malissa and Jeffrey to get Veronica.

  • Shalanda

    Thanks a lot was waiting to see this part

  • Ra’quesha

    What a damn waste they really drag these scenes out with the dramatics, guess Candace will find out her son is dead on the season finale….

  • shancia

    ima so sad and mad that tyler got that poor cute little boy killed off the show an the lady who play anna she is a good ass actor i had tears in my eyes as if he was my son or lil cuzo are something :'(

  • Amanda is still pictured for a reason…Tyler Perry writers are dam good…Anna role is strong and Veronica needs a reality check.. These sitcom gets my vote…

  • Her name is , Hanna Wtf

  • Kathryn Paine

    @ Queena LMAO you ain’t lying

  • Nette

    Where is episode 14 i cant wait to see

  • Tishs

    New one ?

  • Jacque

    Next episode please……..

  • Theresa

    I would miss this show for nothing. I also watch all the other show except one. Thank you Tyler Perry.

  • Vocalgirl


    Are you all posting the new episode of the Haves and Have Nots 7/11/17

  • Dwayne Patterson

    When is Candace going to learn that her son is dead? Tyler Perry is wrong for letting us wait this long.