• Kia

    First 😊

  • Shannon Dailey


  • Yesss Its Back !

  • Jos’Nyiah

    Dang I started crying.. Some ppl just don’t care.. She not trying to answer the phone

  • Missed this show a lot

  • Thank you!!!!;;

  • Teaira

    yessssssss thank you 353 yall be on it!!!

  • why q had to get shot tears run out my eyes😢😢and he mother’s not even a ansa the phone well sir hope war get well coming for him I love this show Veronica so dem evil

  • Tee

    I want the old mama rose back.im not feeling this new one.too extra

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  • Nathan

    This is a sad season. I still like Veronica, and Katheryn. I hope Mama Rose gets War with Jennifer Sallison’s body.

  • It’s Hanna fault Que got killed she wanted him when Candice said it’s better if he not with them b/c she didn’t want him to pay for the stuff she did and the Hanna went to war and got followed where they where stay smh

  • Vocalgirl

    Thank you 353!! I truly appreciate you all