1. I am crying right now. This is too deep. The baby OMG. And i knew Candice ‘friend’ was a fake ass bitch. Kathrine is the bomb.

  2. Yea, very unexpected cliffhanger!!! Katherine’s move is not so smart – ex-husband can be forced to testify against her

  3. Omg…tyler perry has done it this time. Im glad this isnt real because my heart was in pieces when i seen that precious coming out the bathroom like that. I love this show..i hope tyler perry keeps it rolling❤

  4. Kandy M. Fowlkes on

    This has got my mouth wide open and the tears streaming down fast. So much emotions are involved watching this. Tyler Perry is very good at what he does. Jeffry is a cold hearted snake.. After he stabbed his mum Veronica w/that pearing knife he is becoming his mum😕 no compassion for Melissa dear father… Smh. Katherine fed up with her husband (soon to be ex husband), but she better rethink it because he can testify against her. But the baby God no the baby. This show seem so real, but it’s not. Great job Tyler Perry.

  5. OMF’NG! NOT THE POOR SWEET BABY! NOOOOOOO! I just knew for sure that the mama had caught a few slugs but the LAST thing I expected to see was her walkin out of the damn bathroom with a bloody baby in her arms. My mouth and heart were on the floor! I am SO glad this was just a tv show, but it seemed so darn real. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me this is not the season finale! I can’t take it. All I know is Im expecting to see Candice AND her mama go B-A-D on foolz! It’s about to be ON & POPPIN!

    WAY TO GO MR. TYLER PERRY! OUTSTANDING! All Iwanna know is WHEN DOES THE NEXT SEASON BEGIN! & PLEASE don’t make us wait that long! I can’t take the suspense!!!

  6. Whew this season went so fast. War and his crew corny ass hell it took 7 of them to kill a baby .Im so sorry guys but the kid had to go because it didn’t progress the storyline . They had gone as far as they could with the child protection angle and as a stressor to Hannah and Candace relationship. It also gives Tyler (one of the reasons I love him and i hope a cause for discussion )and opportunity to deal with our babies being killed as a result of our adult bullshit. Sorry again but I LOVE CANDACE , and I’m all in for this relationship with the future pres , perhaps her pregnancy can be tied in . She could be set for life.virtually untouchable. I live for Kathryn every since she told Jennifer bitch I will have you murdered in the street! YASS she did drop the Mic on Jim weak ass by taking it all. But then she kicked his panties in his ass by telling him I will sell this bitch or give it away before i live in this mickie fickie with your bruised ,battered and bartered by the devil soul. Yes Jeffrey is a miserable sob and i mean that literally because his mama is a bitch , a bad and bougie one who owns all they asses and stay winning but still a bitch . How stupid is that Django David… he in a bar grieving a hoe . II cant believe this storyline because being with Veronice he should be more game conscious. I knew old girl was with War from the beginning . She was always so suspect. I must have missed a whole episode because my dumb ass didnt know old girl was pregnant . Well she just lost the baby either way because if she doesn’t die Veronice going to have her commited and take it. I hope Mitch bring his family in to handle this situation with War . Let’s get Gory like a Tarantino Movie !

  7. omg I’m in shock not q hope he’s ok I know Ericka was a fake all long only was waiting to with see with whom what crazy ness Melissa did now I love this show it does leave me in tears but I love a hope Veronica knows now that she can’t got Jeffrey and Melissa hope she wants now that’s Melissa Father die hurry up come back #back to if loving you is wrong now 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  8. I swear the cute little baby boy better not die :'( Made me cry when they where cover up in blood.I hope he doesn’t get off the show

  9. I got no words, just can’t wait for the next season. the suspense is too much. I hope the little kid didn’t die.

  10. When does the new haves and haves not begin That ending shocked me ,now I can’t wait till the new seoson

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