• Jenn Hanson


    • Kittycat

      I love this show it had meaning, showing if roles were reverse and what us black people go thou still evening looking for jobs.

    • Olga

      Fucking black people your not the only ones being discriminated matter a fact Spanish people have it worst get a life girl

      • Soulful_Ankh

        Lmfao Latinos Have it Worst!? 😂 What a Joke. Your ppl Choose to come here. You all had a Choice? Not Us! Kill that Noise! Nice Try tho!

        • MsZav

          Please school the ignorant. Thanks and god bless!

  • Koko


  • Jos’Nyiah

    Ole Damn. boy btotha fine as hell… Heyyyy..
    Let quit

  • Carebear

    But both of them are fine.. Yummmyyyy..

  • Carebear

    But both of them are fine.. Yummmyyyy..

  • Carebear

    Sorry this show series is based off what white ppl do black ppl.. I dont like either being mess to any race this shit have to stop .. But is it

  • Nico

    Only BET would come with something as lame as this.

  • cupcake b

    I love this show it had meaning, showing if roles were reverse and what us black people go thou still evening looking for jobs.

  • videofreak

    is this supposed be white people nightmare reenactment

  • Jimilia Jenkins

    I liked it.. a good reversed perspective.. a lil weird to watch with the whites being the minority, but a great statement.. thanks me irv gotti

  • Kita

    I think it’s an eye opener for those who are still blinded by white privileges. This modern day lynching has to stop. It shows how racial profiling has been a normal thing and yes reversing the roles was a great idea because maybe if it was white men and women being killed by the people who were supposed to protect them they’d see it from a black persons point of view.



  • MissTSippa

    Its really interesting to see the roles reversed like that because people dont understand what we really go through as black people and I think the problem is that harassment becomes “the norm” in black communities. No one really goes in to speak up on cops who stop us for no reason on a daily basis just because of the color of our skin or who shoot us simply because they are intimidated by our skin color, not because we did something life threatening. I think that more blacks should be educated on their rights as a citizen and to start documenting things that go on in black communities because this is nothing new, its just now coming to light after so many decades… Continue to use those camera phones and expose these bad cops in certain areas.

    • Olga

      Look it happens to blacks,whites,and Spanish people am tired of this black bullshit why is it that black people love being the victims

      • Sarah

        Okay you obviously have something against black people (I don’t know if you are black, that doesn’t matter either). I SEE YOU ARE ready TO CHARGE on the comments making reference to brutality against blacks. And fyi Spanish people and Asians fall into the same damn category as black. All non-whites are MINORITIES. As a matter of fact, if you aren’t consciously aware of the history and struggles that comes with being a black man in the U.S. you absolutely will not understand why this is a problem. Instead of calling the issue “bullshit” maybe you should at least TRY to understand WHY black people ARE victims (they do not want to be victims btw, who the hell wants to be a victim?). There are MANY books you can read and courses you can take to try to understand, instead of pointing your finger and making ignorant comments. SMH.

  • malia

    Yes I get it it was a little difficult to watch for any race that should be done to any race so it was a little difficult to watch and I thought a little far-fetched but I got it because a lot of things are going ignored and Unapologetic so I get it Lee Daniels you have a brilliant mind I need to go see who else helped put this together it was a a brilliant idea

    • sky

      this is irv gotti mind and idea not lee daniels,altho he helped bring it to life… this was all irv lorenzo gotti and his genius perspectives…

  • Tammy

    Can somebody post Being Mary Jane??

  • yaszy

    Initially I was annoyed til my oldest explained the obvious, if roles were reversed. Now I’m anxious to see but the video stopped. Ironically we still have compassion for them in this reversed situation when very few have any for us

  • Steph

    What an eye opener.. Weird to see whites be the minority.. Great actors!!

  • Who Else

    Wow! Irv Gotti did a good job. It’s amazing how I felt empathy. I guess because we can really relate even with the roles being reverse. And these white boys were cute…. Anyone else catch the “how does it feel” part. Just like they asked the question in the beginning ‘What if it was a white boy’ and at the end it’s like now ‘ How does it feel’ … Nice

  • Sarah

    Good concept, horrible acting. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I’d rather read it. But anyway I don’t know if this is even going to air on channels geared towards the non-black audience. I mean white people don’t even watch BET like that. Blacks already know this story. It’s the non-blacks who need to watch this.

    Anyway, the white men in this movie are VERY handsome….finally.

  • Cris

    I know BRODY is fine as HELL…..lol