• photod33z: Do12#8&n7;t get angry, what good does it to you? I’m a Belgian and it is well known in western Europe that Holland people are quite loud, and like to think they know best. On the other hand: indeed, a large part of Holland is below sea level. Not far from where I live there are large coast defending structures that were built there after the storm of 1953 in which many people died. It’s a sad thing that sometimes horrible things have to happen in order to make things better. All the luck.

  1. So y’all got episode 8 and not 7 are y’all gone put 7 up or nah? Cause it been a week and yalll still ain’t fix it

  2. NoneYaDamnBusiness on

    I felt so bad for Cotton! Carlotta should’ve stepped in way sooner instead of kicking Pastor Bobby out afterwards. Even though he felt bad about his judgmental behavior later, I was still mad at him. BYE.

  3. I don’t know y I keep watching this.. I hate this show, I hate the characters, the plot, everything about it….
    yet here I am in the comments.

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