1. That whole America song…..total concept rip off of the “In America” song by John Legend that was played at the end of Underground’s Episode 1 -_-

  2. Arnisha Williams on

    Damn that’s what that grimey ass bitch get!!!! Trying to play everybody and got Fu@ked in the end!!!!!

  3. malia cunningham on

    Yeees! I love it I knew she was going to be out of here.. she was getting Grimmy!!!! Enough is enough.. didn’t expect it to go down like that.. though and the football player ! Yikes! His Mom Wow! Great episode thank you 353 tv; )

  4. Final-fucking-ly that bitch Ava got what was coming to her….that’s what you get for tryna play everyone yah dumb fuck. Hunter was and has been a mess good luck to mummy paying someone to bring him back to life as she thinks her money gets her places. Bittersweet for derrick and Alex 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

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