1. Marquita Austin-Yarbrough on

    Kenya is so crazy smh she is the reason Matt acts the way he do and then she wants to sit around and act like it’s just him and that she doesn’t know anything.Kenya is never going to have a decent relationship bcus she doesn’t know how to act and she thinks it’s all about her.

    • I love Kandi. Matt is crazy as hell. Kenya ain’t innocent, but if you feel that aggressive and anger in a relationship then leave. Threatening her is making him look like a fool. He clearly has anger issues and if she don’t leave for good she’ll be injured next. She ain’t physically putting her hands on him so SHE AIN’T MAKING HIM DO ANYTHING! LEAVE he can always block her and she can do the same! That’s how domestic violence is still carried on cuz women blaming themselves for it happening.

  2. Matt is a grown man who is responsible for his OWN ACTIONS. Grown folks don’t let other people dictate their responses so he needs to man up and leave Kenya the hell alone before he catches a case or a serious ass whooping. I believe he is gay but that’s just me. The little event planner needs to go somewhere and sit down. How the hell you go from being a paid employee to a partner? He should of chilled and built his event planning business. Although he was fired, Kandi was still nice enough to refer business to him but you can’t help everybody. Porsha is too damn old to be sneaking men into her mother’s home. And no self respecting man would allow it.

    • Nope… and he treated her like a jump off
      @ the end of it all. After he said I live 3 mins away and she didn’t want to he said ok bye HaHa. Cynthia you became just like all the rest of the bitches for the night. Congrats you did a good job and next time dum- dum listen to Malarie, family knows and almost never wrong. LMAO

  3. Old boy that was working for Kandi is a fool. You don’t bite the hand that feeds and leads you. His actions are not professional and Kandi had every right to dismiss him after his post. Porsha intro needs a reup..”I’m too sexy to be thirsty?” She been real real parched and need to stop pushing up on these dudes like this. The cow giving away free milk so why buy that bitch. And Peter showing the true colors that ruined his marriage. You can tell from her response that Cynthia isn’t the first woman he has told “I’m only 3 minutes from here” and she knows it. Peter Jamaican moves towards being a true playa.

  4. Nicol Arrington on

    Kandi’s asst is truly making the wrong moves I hate to see the outcome for him. Though I like Kenya I truly wish she would leave Matt the hell alone before he hurts her dude is crazy. Sheree is still messy as hell and I’m surprised no one else sees this but each episode she dishing the tea can’t wait til next episode….

  5. I can’t stand Kenya that is what she does she manipulates situations and then plays the victim and Matt is getting what he deserves because when she was pulling all her little stunts before he defended her now she’s pulling them same acts on him…I like the new Kandi she’s finally not taking anyone’s ish. Porsha please come on now seriously you look ridiculous sneaking a man into your moms house and he was clearly uncomfortable with the situation Porsha was always my favorite but I’m not feeling her this season. Sheree is messy but I love her at least she owns up to what she is and she doesn’t care what anyone has to say. Phaedra, I’m bored with her and was I the only one hoping Cynthia went to peters place with him

  6. Reggie Sutherland on

    Kenya brought that time bomb to the party and then set it off and now want’s to act clueless . How come Khandi keeps driving Todd’s car ?and Really Porshia .. you couldn’t afford a sleazy easy motel for the night ?

  7. I love y’all smh y’all give me so much life with the comments and I agree with Shorty girl from above porsha definitely needs a redo on her intro because that b**** is definitely thirsty am been thirsty all season kandy’s assistant was wrong for that post and I so love Cynthia and Peter and I think they should get back together I f*** with Todd too he’s real cool matt ass needs help and so does Kenya smh lmao

  8. Phaedra boring as nasty as usual the hole n the finger is trifling not classy at all glad she is being exposed. Can’t with her! Cynthia don’t blame you get a chick from the bar. Kandi falling in love with her. Sheree is Sheree move in the house n dump dum Bob not a good look can’t forget his shanagians don’t deserve you but hey she might only have Bob because her n and Kenya have the same effect on men. Try a little grace and consideration for your partner no need to suck ALL the energy in the room. Kenya she slowly but surly moving on sucks Matt is a sprung asshole. Now what’s up with Haves n haves not need that add it 353!

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