1. Why is Sheree being so messy? None of that has anything to do with her. Kandi never told her that Porsha had sex with Block. The whole situation is messy enough with just Kandi, Phaedra, and now Porsha involved. Sheree needs to butt out and finish her chateau.

  2. Alexis Bennett on

    Happy New Year EVERYONE…But oan: Porsha is really pissing me tf off cause whatever going on between Kandi and Phadrea is their business they were once friends way before she even came into the picture not only that she suppose to be bffs with Shamea let her tell it last season and now she sitting listening to Phadrea air out dirty laundry. To add on with Matt people talking about him and Kenya an how she does him wrong it look to me like that mf crazy!!!!

  3. malia cunningham on

    This Kenya Saga listen to her intro they want more all to stay Relevant we know the 1st BFF she had on the show outed her. Saying that she asked him to come in the show.. Spree is Messy! Tack!as Hell! Porsha no coment Kanda will tap that Ass and as far as her being I. The closet.. Not Private Maybe but she stated on a Reunion years ago. That she would swim in the Ladies Pool but as far as a relationship No! That don’t seem closet… anywho.. Pharaoh Scorpios are something else kandy told her on the Last Reunion phaedra you you know I know how you are your Scorpio! ! You work on your get back.. Phaedra had no comment Shermer NEEDS TO GETTING LAID AND STAY OUT OF EVERYBODY ELSE BUSSINESS!!!! Happy! New! Year! Thank you 353 tv

  4. Really?? Cynthia, didn’t Dr. Jackie on Married to Medicine just have a t-tee party? Copy-cat storyline. No originality!!

  5. I cant freaking stand Candy this season. She just seems like a different person since she has gotten married. She is extra…Its annoying and she cant even say anything relevant that Phaedra has said about her. They should have ended the friendship like women and left all conversations in the past.

    • I don’t get kandi, really? I lost respect for her long ago.,she don’t have to be trust, I hope all her so friends watching this. Because ur turn will come soon. Are one point you were friends, now the friendship is over, just move on, you don’t have to run ur mouth with nobody secret told.

  6. Dislike kandi too, and her mama needs to mind her own business. So in other’s people lives and there young people. She needs to leave it alone.

  7. Kandi and that damn tacky ponytail get on my nerves all that money and no style , her daughter irks me too man for real why does she talk like that and she is always a bitch to Todd’s daughter 🙄 Kandis mama annoys me as well and sharee is old and messy af she needs to have a seat

  8. I think this will be the last season unless Bravo step up the wives. All of the current ones are boring & played out! I think Phaedra & Kandi may have been bff’s with benefits, IMHO. Phaedra was too excited about seeing Cynthia’s t-tees & Kandi felt on them. Really?!


    Wow, don’t become friends with Kandi, if y’all have a falling out she gone tell aaaaawwwwwlll yo business… Smh… Anyways check out my YouTube. My Name is Toxsique Diamond… Here’s a link to my last blog about these ladies! https://youtu.be/FhM0rgs4DcE

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