• katherine m heard on

      Everything is not about Kenya !!!! Im so tired of this chick. She is a manipulating bully. She prevokes everything. Leave posha alone!!

        • You have to admit Porcha got what she deserved because she had been friends with Shamea since middle school and she threw her to the side for that lying ass demon!

        • Jen Sochi, Kenya has no story line. She wants to b heard, but she’s just talking over people and repeating things. Pointless

      • Bitch shut up Porsche aint no fucking victim she accused kandi of having a sex dungeon lied about saying she wanted to eat her out amongst other lies if kenya does the smallest thing no body will let her live it down but Porsche and phadra pull some serious b.s and leave Porsche alone fuck that she wrong she should be called out she tried to put everything one phadra but she lied too period if i was kandi it woulnt be fucking with neither of them

    • Exactly she steady trying to say shit when Porsha really is upset tht Phaedra playing her I think Porsha is being genuine

  1. Lmao Phaedra Got me over here cracking up. Kandie isn’t a saint. But her and Cynthia are about the realist on the show. Ctfu the girl had just told porsha, Phaedra thought she was dumb so what better way to use her. Ctfu y’all I’m dying at this shit. Oh my lord. Phaedra need her ass whooped!

  2. This is a mess, You all should be encouraging and lifting each other up, You should be helping each other not making up lies. I always knew Phar dra was a liar and a hypocrite. Kenya sit down somewhere, you are my girl but this is serious and it is nothing to be throwing shade about. Love and kisses.

  3. Oh Phae Phae…hope I don’t see you next season…if you’re gonnna lie like that at least be bold to stand by it – don’t do no twistloc on it …damn!!

  4. Neil Trotman on

    Well at last it is all out, literally. How and why an Attorney at Law would think it is ok to lie like that and so blatantly is beyond me. As Kandi says, why then would Porsha believe it, knowing what she knows about Kandi? Phaedra is clearly not a friend of Porsha, to use her like that. And Kenya, talking about people needing to be accountable for what they do, you clearly need to do too. You are not innocent. Smiling and loving all the drama.

  5. Where is Marlo when you need her cause Kenya is getting on my nerves! It ain’t about you so shut up! Anyway, why is she even still on the show…ain’t married and will never be!

  6. i think phaedra just said something out of anger not really thinking her friend would go back running her mouth just like when she sent the text about kenya being triflin maybe porscha needs to stop running and telling everything her friend says

    • G I like Portia. Portia said something is wrong w her brain. She passes out a lot. So I’m thinking this has a lot to do w her anger and her telling secrets that people trust her with. People call her slow and dumb but, she has a real mental illness.

    • Taliyah Abrams on

      Yes seriously and you can tell porsha was so shocked that phaedra would lie like that . I feel really bad for her & Phaedra seriously gotta get kicked off.

  7. Phaedra was not in the building was not their at all Andy notice it to like she really was not taking this serious at all.

    • Phaedra doesn’t care about anybody you should read that girls book Angela Stanton she said back in 2012 that she was going to write a book about that damn demon and how she did everyone dirty when everyone went to jail Phaedra was suppose to take care of everyone left Angela hanging the girls mother died while she was prison while Phaedra’s fake ass was plotting on her next bullshit she’s a damn demon!

    • Well, well, well, how the table turns. Phaedra got caught out in her own lie. She couldn’t even speak because she knew she’d put her foot in it more, she was sinking lower and lower into her cemented mess. That is one nasty person. You have to sorry for her because she now knows she went too far. She couldn’t answer one question put to her. Porsha was her partner in crime then she left her out too dry. Thank god she had the sense to say Phaedra told her otherwise this would have gone on and on. What will happen to Phaedra now who know,s, hopefully she will learn a lesson from all of this. For someone who claim to love God, and is always praying in the name of god, I wonder what he would think of her. She needs to pick up her bible .

  8. I know Phaedra not stopping the madness was wrong and I understand that was a big decision to figure out how but Porsha is totally to blame for this. Since when do you throw your friend under the bus then stomp her in the ground to make yourself look innocent???? We are not in elementary school she knew Kandi and Phaedra was on not so good terms so she knew that would of caused more tension between them by her repeating such bs. She knew exactly what she was doing. Plus if my friend tells me something I’m not going to repeat it cause I’m arguing about some bs in the first place that had nothing to do with me. Finally it goes to show Porsha was not truly a friend to Phaedra because she did not know her well enough to know she can just repeat things at times. Phaedra looking silly worried about Porsha. She should be worried about Kandi instead. All apologies to her…. I would of told Andy ” I repeated it in girl talk, Kandi and I wasn’t on the best of terms but Kandi and Porsha had no beef so I never thought that Porsha would even mention it to her. I thought that was talk between us. Furthermore, I would think Porsha wouldn’t run around with hearsay because in the court of law that’s exactly what it is; if Kandi didn’t say it directly to Porsha” Once it was out there Porsha was throwing Phaedra under the bus putting her in a bind because of her childish ways. So clearly Phaedra didn’t know how to fit it without looking like the bad guy. Duh!!!!

    • Queen u r right. Portia does trick in people a lot. Phaedra told her things so she would repeat them to Kandi on T.V.. Phaedra used her and it back fired. I guess u can’t say someone tried to drug and date rape u. I thought they couldn’t sue each other. Theses shows r going to b weak as hell if they have to worry about getting sued. Cynthia should get w Leon since she’s boring. No story line

  9. Now this is a time when Bambi “Porcha” should of had a pass to whoop Phaedra’s slimy ass bitch is a criminal and everyone has been taking the fall for her shit since before 2012 Apollo, his brother and the female that was suppose to be her best friend and glad the shit is out of the bag for this Jesus bitch Phaedra lying fake ass subhuman!

  10. Kenya is a messy ass bitch.I hate her.Kenya,boring Cynthia well this just needs to be the last season,

  11. Phaedra was/is a liar from the very beginning remember her first pregnancy she didn’t know what trimester she was in,and I really don’t believe she didn’t know what her husband was up to. Poor gullible Porsche so eager to be in the spotlight out there spreading a lie that may cost her dearly if Kandi sue her.

  12. I’m not surprised Phaedra sank so low. She’s nobody’s friend. I hope Porscha stays far away from her. Kandi you are a magnificent woman continue doing you forget about the haters😊

  13. First off porsha is everything and no one accused well at least porsha didn’t she said she heard….Kenya needs to shut the hell up like frfr !!! She is jealous because Porsha is younger and prettier and she is washed up !

  14. This reunion got on my nerves. All they did was say the same things over and over. Phaedra hates Kandi and lied on her. They all insinuate, throw shade, lie, etc. I hope Phaedra is not fired. If she is they’ll just bring her back later. If Portia can drag someone by her weave and come back then surely Phaedra can come back from her use of words. Todd and Kandi do a lot of freaky stuff to b married. I wouldn’t put it past them to drug someone. Kandi cries too much. My brand my brand. Her mother, her crew, and her nastiness kill her brand. Phaedra did help too. If Phaedra is fired it’s b/c of her ties w Apollo. Shameia , and Cynthia need to shut up.

  15. Kandi get on my nerve she always crying running off saying what she gone do lol. Throw them hands then Kandi lol. I seriously doubt she can lol.

  16. All these women have brought the show to an all time low, yet very entertaining to watch as well. I do not want to see Ne ne back on this show… or I will not watch it. I think it is time for Porscha to go.. she behaves like a spoilt two year old, not a grown ass woman !!! I also want Cynthia to be sacked she’s boring !!! Khandi is getting to be annoyong too !!!
    Phaerdra, Shree and Kenya shoud stay they bring the drama.

    • Oh kim, KIM, please learn how to spell people’s names. Think you will still watch the show whether Nene comes back or not. And the only person who needs to be sacked is Phaedra. Seems like you like the people that ly and are vindictive, that praise God, then make up stories to hurt people. Makes me wonder if we are watching the same show

  17. Mahoghany Brown on

    Phaedra is a liar, has been a liar the entire existence of the show, but she got away with it because people hate Kenya because she’s beautiful, hate all u want it’s true, she’s hard too take but that was her first set of lies because she was jealous her husband picked Kenya up and throwed her in the pool, Y’all should been mad at him even we he admitted he lied on Kenya y’all still sided against her the girl can’t catch a brake. So when Todd and Kandi continued too support they frown Phaedra husband as he was sentence and went too jail she saw that as betrayal and Phaedra then turned on them phoney phayphay ….now she play them like pieces on the chess board!she played Her new pal bobblehead Porcha old me. Imma stick by my man even after he dumpd her dumped her . Shes doesn’t even know what the underground railroad is and her grandfather was a Hosea Williams a great civil rights icon. this a clueless bitch but again she’s a pretty girl so y’all ate her up,yall perfect victim ,& Phaedra played her. She fired shots at Kandi and used the bobblehead too do it. But Porcha deserved it look what she did too her best friend threw her under the bus, no loyalty for this lying butch. Now Phadra sat on the panel saying I shouldn’t have repeated it when she they one made the lie up. Phaedra sat there and would not own the Lies that she made up. But if was Kenya y’all would went crazy in saying she had physcological problems. But this compulsive liar and that’s all she is a two face compulsive liar. She made up with Kenya, only too act holy than thou about a divorce party when we find out the troll wasn’t even divorced yet just lying again this heffa been lying from the start. Bout time y’all catch on.

  18. Phaedra got exactly what she deserved. That witch has been lying for years. The fact that people are trying to justify the lie told on Kandie by Phaedra, makes me question their intelligence. I am not a fan of Porsha’s, but I feel really bad for her.

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