1. Shaniquwa -It was sound when I played it. Sometime the curser will glide across the sound bar and mark no sound. Maybe you can check that. It’s at the bottom of the screen when play the show. I have had that issues numerous times.

    • Oh okay I’m gonna check it now thank very much cause this is my show and I can’t watch it without sound….lol

      • I know! I wish and will try to stop watching these reality show and focus on my own life. Oh and your very welcomed!!! Be blessed.

  2. Sheree’s story at the end was the only interesting part. The rest is just petty bs. I don’t think anyone cares when Phaedra’s divorce was actually finalized, it’s a stupid thing to argue about.

  3. Kenya deserved everything she got from Matt. She is a nasty, despicable woman. She really taunts people and says what she wants regardless. I can’t stand her. The others I like. I have a new found respect for Kandi because what Porsha did was wrong. To accuse someone of something like that is nit a done thing. Lord knows what got into her head that day. Sheree is a a beautiful strong black woman. They all are. But Kenya is the nastiest of them all. No wonder her own mother doesn’t want to have contact with her.

    • Sheree is a liar and told Kenya she provoked her own abuse but she wants to tear up and cry because bob whooped on her. And I’m sure she provoked him too with her harsh nose and strong words. they are all beautiful women based upon looks, some of their insides need adjustment and education (porsha)

      • thank you finally someone with brains . idk why everyone realy acting like sheree wasnt making fun of matt being abusive to kenya/ blaming it on kenya like foh here. Now she and everyone else wants to flip shyt on kenya

        • If I was a man I’d beat Kenya too.. She provokes any and everyone and waits for the reaction for some sympathy. That is some major manipulation. I have no sympathy for anything that happens to her.
          She’s a bully that needs to be taught a lesson. If you know someone’s temperament, why purposely work for a reaction. Oh, Because she’s about as interesting as a pile of rocks and her whole story line is strictly based off the reaction of others. And Kandi is no better. She and her paid group of friend sit around and talk shot all day and have the nerve to be offended when others do the same. Her issues with Phaedra are idiotic she’s either jealous of her relationship with Nene when she was divorcing or she’s bitter that no one care about her but her mother. Phaedra is a master shade thrower, but there is a fundamental difference in throwing shade and telling someone’s business. There was nothing that Phaedra said that Kandi’s mother hadn;t said first. I’m so over her whiny ass..

          • I agree to a degree about what your saying about mama Joyce, but Kandi did reprimand her mother for taking Phaedra to aside, and for going to the lawyer too. And as for her talking smack with her paid group of friends if you notice it’s them that put Phaedra down not kandi. Kandi could say a lot more about Phaedra but she doesn’t. And what friendship has Phaedra got with nene? Phaedra many be the master of shade but she also the jack of hypocrisy, also she does chat people’s business. Her true colours comes out next week. Kenya need to stop getting involved in others business looking for fault in their own relationships or houses, when her life is soooo upside down.

    • To say someone deserves to get abused by a loser or anyone is just wrong. I hope you, your mother, sisters or anyone you love will never have to experience this. It is ok to dislike a person but to wish harm or be joyful about them getting treated badly by a loser is very sad and shows how inhumane you and society have become.

      • As Issac Newton said.. For every action there is a equal reaction and opposite reaction.. and Like I said, She deserves everything she gets. And I don’t condone abuse in any form, and what Kenya does, is also a form of abuse. Mental abuse is just as harmful, if not more harmful than physical abuse. So, her ass gets no sympathy from me.. All she’ll get is a referral for some therapy. Then maybe she’ll address why she feels the need to lash out at others to make her self feel important.

  4. Phaedra doesn’t even kowwhat she’s saying she’s so full of sh!t. I guess because she sucks the d that makes her wanted in Atlanta. lol she’s a foolish woman and sneaky with that sideways mouth and her lies. If she doesn’t want to give real answers just say I’m not comfortable speaking about this or that. It’s that easy. But she wants to lie to stay on the show.

  5. Inman just be real your girl nd parks is wack she don’t even wanna be a woman and admit to her wrong doings period…she’s mad at the wrong lol and porsha is her puppet she’s covering everything up for Phaedra but did she cover up that she slept with Apollo???? I love kandi to death and yes I feel she’s been real the whole time sheree is wishy washy …she don’t know what side she wants to be on… Cynthia I love her honesty and Kenya girl you had to grow on me especially being from Detroit so I really understand and your a good person.. But I hope they get rid of Phaedra lying add she can’t keep it real for shit and being a black woman she tried to tear ppl charts down and make it look like she’s this well put together person sips ☕ come back to reality booboo kitty cause you have crossed the line in so many situations and you can’t even back that shit up smh.. Your truth is and will be exposed Phaedra parks (undercover hoe) MOUTH OF THE SOUTH PARKS😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Anyone else feeling like the blogs have ruined the anticipation for this reunion or nah ? It’s so nasty to see how Phaedra and Kandi’s friendship ended like this smh . Loved seeing all the women support Sheree , as it should be!! We can all be on the winning team if we support each other as black women ! That’s the true tea! The more I think about this show , the more disgusted by the fact Andy is the one making a whole lotta coin out of these women’s misfortunes . It’s the price of fame I guess. What a damn shame !

  7. You can tell Bravo really edited out a lot this season, I believe Sheree was speaking in terms of the ladies when she told Kenya that she provokes everyone and it is obvious that she does. Kenya is a bulley, she is loud, and always causing conflict. Porsha’s beef with Kandi is just her following in Phaedra’s foot steps. Porsha really do not have a reason to dislike Kandi. Sheree didn’t have to put Cynthia on blast about Kairo not receiving the bag, she could have called/emailed/texted that. I love that Phaedra came prepared to clap back even though it appears that she was instigating most of the drama this season.

    • But Kenya was on hush mode when Marlo got after her at the glamping trip. She knows who and who not to mess with. I don’t condone violence but when you poke a bear expect to get mauled.

  8. Neil trotman Kenya’s mother disowned her when she was still a baby so your comments are quite cruel. No child should have to go through that. Shame on the women that do that without just cause.

    • Sammie, Kenya is quite cruel. I couldn’t care less. She plays the long story about not having a relationship with her mother. I mean, who would want to with that. Go and get some help. Sort your anger out. Stop trying to cause confusion with everyone, stop PROVOKING people and then the light and beauty from within will shine. As for no child having to go through being abandoned, she is a big grownass woman now. Time to search inside herself with what is really wrong. And what is wrong is she is manipulative, angry, jealous. Whatever reason her mother had for giving her up is not my business. No one really knows what went on except Kenya and her mother. End of.

    • Her mom had her when she was a teenager and Kenya was adopted by her Aunt. This happens all the time. She wasn’t thrown in a dumpster, stop being dramatic. And atleast she had her father in her life. Most people don’t even have that. Even if her childhood was bad she’s pushing 50 now, can’t blame everything on her parents.

  9. Phaedra and porscha are sooo jealous of kandi.. there faces when kandi was talking about her plans for a movie about escape and reuniting the band

  10. Phaedra needs to realise she is at rhoa reunion and not a court room with her ‘that’s ‘hearsay’ every time some one says what they heard!!

  11. Hey I think Kandi is one of the honest people on that show, if she does something or say’s something she admits to it. If she had a sexy den she would have no qualms about saying so, I mean she run KKN. Phaedra is dodgy mate, she 99% of what comes out of her mouth is not true. Consider kandi and her were such good friends and no near enemies makes an sane person question friendships. Porsha needs to wake up, and see phoney frack for the person she is. Sheree and Kenya need to make up and stop arguing about who’s house is bigger WHO CARES! Seriously it ain’t that important.

  12. Hey I think Kandi is one of the honest people on that show, if she does something or say’s something she admits to it. If she had a sexy den she would have no qualms about saying so, I mean she run KKN. Phaedra is dodgy mate, 99% of what comes out of her mouth is not true. Considering Kandi and her were such good friends and now near enemies makes an sane person question friendship. Considering she goes on about Black Lives Matter she makes it seem meaningless with her lying and conniving ways. Shame on you, just because your boys doesn’t watch the show, does mean you can make things up and be nasty about people, she a hypocrite saying she wants sons to grow up to be strong honest black men yet, yet lies through her teeth. Porsha needs to wake up, and see phoney frack for the person she is. Sheree and Kenya need to make up and stop arguing about who’s house is bigger WHO CARES! Seriously it ain’t that important. Love Cynthia with Kandi they are the voices of reason.

    • Shallow, I agree. I was in two minds about Kandi and how bitter she seemed and thought she was being nasty. The thing with Phaedra is that yes, Phaedra does things that are not totally honest. She never has an answer, always screws up her face and runs around the issue. But with Porsha, Porsha did wrong in putting it out there that Kandi and Todd tried to drug her. There is no excuse for that. Lord knows what she was thinking. I loved too that she stated her mother was wrong going to the lawyer asking questions about her divorce. Kandi has shown herself in a new light and its good. Sheree is better this series.

  13. In my opinion, I feel this season was the worst. I am not applauding any of the ladies. All the ladies played a part in being vindictive to one another. It is not about who did it first or who did it the most. All of the ladies are beautiful, educated, strong and most of all POWERFUL. I know each one of the ladies have been through something or some devasting times. Which made them the powerful women they are today. It sadden me, even though it is a reality show, but real, how the ladies not only betrayed each other but themselves. That they would allow a reality show to take them out of their character, most of all, change who they are. Women in PROSPERITY walking with POWER.

  14. Neil trotman I’m not a Kenya fan so I hear what your saying mostly but I was beginning to warm to her this season.

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