1. Kandi is a bit dramatic and it crazy how she feels anyone has to prove what they have going on in their life. I don’t feel these ladies was right because that allowed the situation to escalate with Kenya and Cynthia taking digs at Porchsa. Kandi gets extremely mad and threatens all so she should be the last trying to inquire bout someone else found anger management. Cynthia is just messy, pay attention she stays picking, putting in her 2 cents and keeping the pot stirred.

    • Please excuse the typos….. “They allowed” …. “doing anger management”…. Porsha sorry about misspelling your name…..

      • bitch i know its your opinion but clearly you haven’t watch old seasons of the show.. Because kandi have took too much from these jealous hoes on this show.. And never tried to start shit, but the last two season these two bitchs came for her.. Because kandi is in a great place right now shes married too her true soulmate.. And those other two mad hoes jealous because there marriage clearly didnt work.. They shit only last for three and two years.. Them hoes want a see a good woman fail.. But clearly it aint happening.. So fuck you and whoever agrees with yo stupid opinion bitch.

    • I so agree with you. Cynthia is just annoying. Her little comments are not funny to anyone, just herself. Kandi needs to chill out thinking her shit don’t stink. She need to be careful not to trigger Porsha or she’s gonna mop her ass all over that floor.

    • jealous of what.. PorHOE smdh we clearly haven’t been watching the same damn show.. Porsha a damn follower she doesnt have no reason to not like kandi.. And thats only because of her friend that hoe isnt no damn real Christian.. What real Christian you know tell ppls to try to sue someone.. She clearly hates kandi cause all she had to do was tell johnny to gon cause all he has is word of mouth/ lies just to try to get some money out somebody cause he got fired.. And now aint makin no damn money.. And the way she dresses oh lawd.. Dont no Christian go around dressing like that showin all what her fat ugly mama give her.. Damn shame..

      • Team kandi over here I don’t think ppl.have been watching the same shows either kandi is the most level headed one like she said dont start none won’t be none period if you pay attention how she answer questions, she can choose to be shady and hateful but instead she speaks how she feel and give props when props are due. Porsha still haves some growing up to do she, can’t spot a fake friend even if the the enemy was next to her (phaedra) but shell find out soon tho lmao. Phaedra is just pure sneaky and she fronts like she about that holy life but then turn around and twerk half naked like the cameras aren’t there.

      • Kandi must be your bff cause you up here calling ppl that’s just stating their opinion names. What’s up with that???? Ijs

  2. Clearly MS. TY this show consumes your life because I don’t see any appropriate reason for you to call another person on here making a comment a b**** so what I have to say about this is KHANDI, is a Taurus like myself we are very patient patient like the tortoise and the Tortoise wins at the end if you remember the story of The Tortoise and the Hare however she has reached her limit and I see her about to explode and KHANDI! is the only one on that stage that is sitting on more money than all of them the last I Heard, her net worth was 35 million and counting

  3. Had a soft spot for Phaedra, but it’s starting to change… Porsha had no real reason to hate on Kandi to be honest, she shoulda kept it neutral and kept it moving. Kandi seems like she has good intentions , but her judgement is clouded by the old lady gang /hubby/ her “Don-Juan,Carmen etc squad”. If Cynthia lost her housewife peach this season , I don’t think anyone would bat an eyelash. Kenya had no business throwing that divorce party for Phaedra & those are facts. After this season , I can see why Sheree seemed so messy/bitter – she has gone through a lot with Bob & she really needs that check, so gotta collect bones and hope that bravotv won’t revoke that peach. Can’t wait for next Sunday….can’t they just air them all at once!

  4. Frick and frack smdh..the way Phaedra lies and deceived porscha is damn shame and porscha can’t see through it all. That’s why Phaedra befriended her becoz she know she ain’t too bright. Why is Phaedra lying about her boob job she had more than a lift she had implants becoz she had 2 fried eggs before! Southern bell 🔔 my ass just be real with it fakedra then people might respect you more

  5. Let me remind myself first and others we only see what’s edit….
    So all this is just my opinion on what they showed us…

    Kandy- does threaten people when shes upset. Most of the time. She has her ways.
    Something positive… I love how she is about her business and family.

    Kenya- Lawd.. She was irky this season. She does play victim. She throws the first stone and then when it gets to tough. Acts as if they started and she didn’t do anything..
    Something positive.. She finally decide to choose herself in that situation with Matt.. Cynthia- I adore her. She really didn’t have any drama which is good. I love how she was honest with herself about her marriage. And didn’t dog Peter.
    Ms. Who gonna check me boo!😄- she was messy. But we watch this show for the mess.😁 And other things.
    Something positive- she’s rebuilding herself all while staying true to self… Love it.
    Porsha- She has to redefined the definition of a friend.
    Something positive… She’s had enough of the BS and is soaring above the clouds. In business and family. IDK about her love life.. Lol that’s cool.
    Phaedra- My, My, My,My,My hmmm if you gonna lie. You’s better learn how to cover it up better. .😁 possible learn what it means to keep it a 💯. And stop acting as if you don’t have fault. And own up to you BS..
    Something positive- she holding down her family. She is a single mother. She did not dog her ex. She tried to be positive and messy. She just couldn’t fine the balance. Maybe next season she will. This season was tough for her. Bit all and all I love the friendship her and Porsha have. And I hope it doesn’t break. I actually think there’s is better then NeNe and Chythina…. Yasssss.. Love some Frick and Frack..

    Over all this season was to messy for my pressure.. Lol. And just seemed like the ladies just couldn’t pull it together. They all need to learn to only concern themselves with matters that concern them.. I hope if they all return. Is better and shows a different side of black woman.. And they learn to actually talk with one another instead of to one another… IDK. Again just my opinion. From what they showed. I don’t want no one calling keep out my name because I have an opinion different from their’s… Lol

  6. Porsha is so stupid. She said she hadn’t had any work done but then said she got her nose filled in and fixed. What kind of dumb did her family raise?

  7. I think its time Bravo give Kenya the booth. She is clearly a bitter and hateful person. Imagine going all the way down Sheree’s basement just to find something negative to say about her house. She likes to attack people and then when she gets called out, she plays the victim. I never liked kenya from day one. She is a jealous and vindictive person. Anyone that she see as competition she does not like. She said Porsha has anger issues. What about Matt? who damage her house, slap a man in a car for no reason. Oh no not Matt. Because she is so damn desperate for a man, she will find any excuse for him. Kenya is not a girls girl. She hates everyone for no reason when her life and ass is the messiest .

    I used to like Phaedra in the beginning. However, after this season i am not a fan. She is 2 faced and she lies. She gives christian a bad name. And she holds a grudge and likes to play dirty.

    I like Porsha, i think she gets bullied a lot from these women particularly Kenya. I think Kenya is dead jealous over Porsha. After all Porsha is gorgeous. Kenya is dried up and old and miserable.

    Sheree is my girl ….new found respect for her after this season………. Cynthia who????? boring as hell…..

    Kandi is ok …and its not right now she is not friend with Fakedra that she is spreading all these rumors on her.

    Thats my piece and its a reality show people…… it has entertained us and these are my opinion. So i dont expect anyone to call me names FOR MY DAMN OPINION……OK

  8. mahoghanybrown on

    two face ass phaedra and pitty party ass porsha, cant stand neither one of them I have despise them both from the beginning glad yall finally seeing the truth…and thats what kandi get for befriending that trash….Kandi hurt because she feel used and its eating her up she thought these bitches were her friends , they been talking bout her behind her back now these worthless bitches putting it in her face .killing her and she out 9f the loop, that eating her alive.

  9. mahoghanybrown on

    two face ass phaedra and pitty party ass porsha, cant stand neither one of them I have despise them both from the beginning glad yall finally seeing the truth…and thats what kandi get for befriending that trash….Kandi hurt because she feel used and its eating her up she thought these bitches were her friends , they been talking bout her behind her back now these worthless bitches putting it in her face .killing her and she out of the loop, that’s eating her alive.

  10. I LOVE that question from a viewer for Kandi! U minding Porsha’s business, yet you’re the same one to always “drag” someone…you & your low class mother!

    Cynthia…just HUSH!

    Kenya…need a good Ole ass beating so she could reevaluate life! Always want to throw a stone then hide her hand, then plays victim!

    • Talking and doing are two different things. Porsha hits and chases people in order to hit them. Plus Bravo made her go or be fired.

  11. The same way fakedra turned on kandi she gonna do the same to porsha. She ain’t nobody’s friend. She forgives Kenya years ago now she bringing it up to defend her behavior. The queen of throwing people under the bud.
    I’m loving kandi this season. She ain’t taking no more bullshit. She standing up for herself. Btw she the only REAL housewife😏
    Kenya- needs to chill. She’s too pessimistic. All up in people’s business when she need to be worried about hers😒
    Sheree- Bone Collector lol Messy messy pants
    Cynthia- none to talk about 😫
    Porsha- used to like her alot but she’s changed. She let Phaedra cloud her judgement & she’s gonna pay the price.

  12. Fakedra is too much .. she cant tell the truth to save her life and you know shes thoting around town with porsha hoe ass . porsha is just stupid cute but dumb . Shes better off not talking, just stand there and look pretty .. i love kandi .. keep getting your money girl and shit on these hating hoes..

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