• Yaaas the reunion is gonna be fie! And I miss Miss Lawrence so much, they should have him on next season.

  1. The reunion is gonna be the shyt!!! Thanks for posting. I thought Matt was an actor actually. Can’t wait to find out why Porsha broke down.

  2. The MESSIEST season ever! Folks at Bravotv are getting better at writing these story lines! Ah well , cant wait to see the reunion. I really hope that Phaedra did not betray a ride-or-die best friend like Porsha as rumour has it ! And the whole thing about Todd being a hired-for-tv boyfriend- girl you are way too hot to be thirsty like you said boo! I hope it aint true. I love my frick and frack together …sighs!

  3. Sheree and them producers know damn well that house done. The common area MAYBE, who’s master bedroom is downstairs and the size of a closet 👀 wires hanging all out the wall. No appliances because they brought the wrong ones ?? 🤔 Yeah ok, whole house warming was faked for tv. And man why’d Fakedra I mean Phaedra seem extra cold to me when Kandi was apologizing. Like something about her was extra hateful more than normal…. gave me chills, literally.

  4. Why can’t beautiful people just get along……BTW it was great to see the other 2 housewife come by……… I missed them!

  5. Kandi and her mom disrespect people, gossip, and talk shit all day long but can’t take a bullet when they aint the shooter… good she cried with her dramatic ass now we know she human. Porsha is more friend than any of them hags deserve and i do believe her about Kandi hubby tryna creep… Cynthia called her a liar about Peter until the blogs got that ass hmp. Kenya is a sad axs case of “nobody” nobody cares nobody want u and nobody checking for u…except IKEA to tell u bout the spring sale. Sheree was way too messy maybe its because she’s miserable with her own life tryna get Bob to stop sweating her but he gone keep sweating like he selling his must in a jar. K I’m done bye

  6. Fakedra plzz no one gives a damn about you and fakeness! You trying your hardest to bring kandi down but kandi don’t care about your fake lying conniving manipulative ass. Poor porscha she just got weaved into your web of lies and deceit because she isn’t smart enough to see through you. Hell you don’t even give a damn about her! I was starting to warm to Kenya this season but she is just too much…Kim does look like a duck though lol

  7. Finished or not, that house is gorgeous whoever says otherwise is a hater. Kenya was extremely rude. Yea ppl threw little digs at Kenya’s housewarming but she is being an entire ass making a spectacle. Kim is a good friend for putting Kenya in her place. Kim’s plastic surgery looks good on her and she looks great for someone who has 6 kids. And Marlo in the background throwing shade at Kenya was hilarious. They should make her a main character. Phaedra and Kandi it’s really sad how their friendship got so sour they always expect the worst of eachother. It’s not Kandi fault Apollo’s gf came to the opening. And it’s not Phaedra fault Johnny came to her for advice. Idk why Kandi is crying she is the one who started telling everyone that Phaedra was cheating on Apollo. That’s when Phaedra retaliated with Kandi being a lesbian and having a side chick. The only person who should be mad is Porsha who got the blame for everything.

  8. Does Kandi want her daughter to know the father o not. Seems like the daughter already made up her mind based on the influence around her. Like really. He wants to know her NOW. If ya’ll don’t want him to know her then leave the man alone. KMT. That daughter is rude and the father does not care. That is it.

  9. IMHO, I seems like Phaedra and Porsha are eating each other pies and, Phaedra probably ate pie with Kandi too. Like Porsha making sure her breasts are revealing as Phaedra enter the room…really??? chick! LOL. Those three like lovers and ex-lovers…. smh. No one has a good and interesting story-line anymore – just acting for the cameras. Getting so boring, bickering and redundant rehashing of old news, I just ain’t feeling that much. Besides, isn’t Kenya a professional “actor” and Kandi has a recurring “acting” role on Sinners and Saints as a doctor? Um jus’ say’n

  10. Jen Sochi it Phaedra that came for kandi first last season so if we’re talking about who started what it was Phaedra #just saying

  11. Kandi stood up for herself this season & I’m loving it! Fakedra ain’t nobody’s friend😒 She will gladly throw you under the bus to save herself. Porscha you will soon find out.
    Can’t wait for the reunion 🙆

  12. I never usually comment on people’s lives but hey you all but on blast for the audience to see. I would like to say kandi you are a good person. You don’t change for people and you always keep it 100. You are too good for this show!!! Kenya I dont know but i like you because you stick up for yourself. Dont let people get to..Let’s face it they will do anything for a story line. Cynthia..Please don’t get back with Peter you can’t be that lonely!! The other cast are irrelevant FULL STOP. when people have money they don’t flaunt it..they enjoy it FACT.

  13. Oh my I don’t know where to start. Let’s start with the Bravo slides aka side chicks .
    Marlon /Marlo I guess Rupaul didn’t like your tape this year either so you brought your tucked ass to Rhoa. Always talking about being real but you jumped right on the attack Kenya bandwagon . Dude aren’t you 50? What in the recess are you doing ? Just because the “others” come for kenya you waddle your mud duck ass right behind them even after you apologized. Oh you trying to get a full peach to match that peach fuzz on hour chin and chest . Chin check yourself and invest in some estrogen.

    Kim ,play for pay , scraggedy alley cat cougar . ENTY ONE , who thought you READ Kenya has lame ass read-ar. Bitch anybody can be you . Hell before Troy wifed you up , you were whoring around letting any OLD (with old being the operative) Mickey fickey make deposits in that hairy BANK that needs revitalized AGAIN . Are you the reason for the vaginal mesh law suits? Remember you were fucking another women’s husband Karma is a Big Ang looking bitch , who you will recognize because it will be like looking in the mirror . I know you’re coming back next season so this was your entrance . I hope you try that shit on a real bitch like Tommie from lhha. Somebody who not only will rip that wig off but kick your panties in your ass. Cheap looking trick . Mind your own business.

    He by Sheree another testosterone charged bitch . No domestic violence isn’t funny but it was mighty amusing to you when it was Kenya. When your skeletons came out you were All victim even though you started the shit by blaming Kenya for Matt’s actions . Did you provoke that tangled eyed silver back to choke you ? You dogged Kenya’s house from The driveway to the garbage cans. It’s no fun when the rabbits got the gun .. This attention seeking bitch would be at a funeral screaming but what about me I’ve experienced loss too. I don’t know if anybody else has noticed tbis insecure bitch’s drobe has been on broke tbis season . Living beyond your means much? The editing made it look like she wore those dingy ass sweats 2x. Even if it’s editing still looks yuck. Yes let’s not call it a comeback let’s call it a COME THE FUCK ON WITH THAT BULLSHIT! The house is beautiful but a waste of money girl times are LIEN. LOL Want better for yourself. Ps The Jones are tired of you trying to keep up with them. They have asked Fakedra to send a cease and desist order.

    Kandi keep doing you . I like the SHAPE OF YOU and the way you are carrying yourself this season . Thanks for not flying above the HATERS this season. Although you are shitting on them when they least expect it. Winning hell nawl bitch you WON!

    Whoresoresha need some gets this season . 1. Get real, you couldn’t even cry at the gravesite 2. Get some edges 3. Get a life 4.Get a man not a boy. 4.Get a clue Fakedra is nobody’s friend 5. Get over your body they sell those all over the country , no lie it’s nice but common just like you TRASHY long faced moose. 6.Get the fuck out with your desperate for acceptance ass. You were reduced to friend status once before …crickets

    Fakedra ass been lying since she began why is anyone surprised. She is grimy . Yes you can get what you want when you are willing to do anything like lie on people and then lie up with a man in a half way house get preggers by the recently released to force him to marry you then lie about the due date. Cheat your “besties” husband out of money, cheat on your HUSBAND. Pretend to. be friends with the. broken and stupid and let them fight your battles. Then pimp out black awareness and consciousness for a story line. I hope Whoresha show her how much black lives matter by beating the side rolls off Fakedra.

    Kenya I live for you . Give these bitches all the go they an take until they get off your ass! Twirl on these non factors .
    Whew that is all.

      • I wish I were “boo” , because no matter how much people dislike her you can not deny her resume beauty, education , actual BLACK pageant Winner, ability to live “fabulously” within her means for many years, have a actual vocabulary, survive being denied by her mother and not become a drug addict or whore but rather have healthy self image and slay in her wardrobe and the confessional . Has the humanity enough to tuck her pride and apologize (even if people think it’s disengenuos) to these bitches who are waay more bitter than they claim she is. She stands up and does not cry when she gets ganged up on. Suffer another women’s husband lie on her and even when vindicated is not vindicated . Really now you can not see her worth? Think about it she only has trouble with the messy NEED the spotlight bitches . No problem with Kandi or Cynthia . Only the Devils minions (the insecure Whoresha and insincere Fakedra and in cahoots with the producers for a storyline Nahand No ,wore out coochie Kim ,Marlon and She by He This girl is bad ! Oh btw real hair , good wardrobe and also has a more than decent body . Thank God its spring because the color is evidently GREEN “boo”. Roll call for sanity and intellect . Holla boo at cha girl . Oops to late already ghosting. #teamkenyabecauseimmawholegrownwoman #forgotmorethanmostknow

        • No one is undermining her resume or her achievements , but to say she isn’t problematic is absurd. Or to put it in lay terms for you – she’s hella messy boo, that’s the real gag!

          • It’s reality Tv . It’s her job to be messy. When I go to work I do my job to my best ability as we all should. Although I dont find her to be messy with those who are not messy with her.Whoresha started with her , she responded, Fakedra tried to make her the scapegoat for that man she tricked on and nto marrying her Kenya is not to blame for her not curbing her dog but she responded to the assaults on her character , Marlon mad because she did not include him in HER(Kenya’s) bd celebration to wit she offered and apology she didn’t owe to only be continuously bashed ,He by she needed a storyline and started with kenyas house then moved on to accuse her of being responsible for Matt’s actions , Kougar coochie also needed a storyline to wit Kenya still attempted to make nice by bidding her a good night and still got a rude immature response . I’m not saying like HER, just saying that she is within her rights to defend herself .Name a time other than when her insecurity over her friendship with Cynthia which spawned her reaction to Kim Fields (another phony delusional bitch) did she start with anyone ? She repeatedly says don’t come for me unless I send for you . Yet these hoes stay idling in her driveway but mad because she always packed to trip . They bring knives to gun fights and mad because they dead. DIVA lives matter too. LOL !

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