1. I do u understand where fakedra is coming from… but she still is fake… Kenya been talked her 2yrs about that.. was trying rekindle the friendship. So far Kandi has been real since day ☝🏾… cyn is pretty but boring to watch. I like Peter his entertaining..so is porcha , not feeling her this season tho

  2. I don’t blame Peter for trying to get back with Cynthia… She is fine!! She came through that divorce party looking extra delicious smh. Sorry Peter, you blew it.

    Porsha and Phaedra not gonna last… They both talk too much. Porsha is telling her business to the girls and Phaedra just fake so it’s only a matter of time before Frick&Frack crumble.

    Kenya is a Aquarius woman. And Phaedra is a Scorpio. They will never mix. Kenya don’t hold grudges. She can move on and attempt to make peace but as far as Phaedra… Once you cross her there’s no coming back. Like she said, she will never forget. So in other words, she will always hold it against you. Never trust you. Never forgive you. Even if she says she forgives, don’t believe it. Because as you can see, we thought they were heading in a good direction until Porsha read those text msgs aloud. Phaedra will never let the past go and will bring it up again and again. That’s a Scorpio for you. Drama Queen

    Sheree needs to leave Bob alone. I don’t care how much money he got. No at can’t buy happiness and with her home now complete, kids grown… Now she can move on. She got the closure this episode. I want to see Sheree dating. She needs a real man. Not a boy.

    • right. Not too long ago she was playing tennis with Kenya, but then all the sudden she has a problem with Kenya. Like girl bye.

  3. Why Kandi cry baby ass keep saying Porsha admitted to lying? When? She said “u came at me, so I came back at u”. What is this crooked mouth idiot talking about?

  4. The only part i agree with Phaedra on is the person who was textin your husband is throwing you a divorce party. That is fucked up, BUT why did you say u forgive her when you truly dont. She shoulda said how she truly felt when it first happened. If it was me I would never try to be friendly with Kenya. We could be cordial and i would keep her at arms length. I wouldn’t be doing one on one girl time like Phaedra was. Phaedra can miss me with that God matrimony stuff. Lie-awyer Phaedra lies everyday for a living. She lied by omission when she was really the one who was spreading rumors abt Kandi. Let Porsha take the entire fall and didn’t defend her. WWJD? And in the last episode i feel she was lowkey flirting and showing off in front of Porsha’s man. Also she was already talking to other guys before she told Apollo she was filing for divorce. I’m really tired of her bringing God into things when she doesn’t act Christ-like at all. Just shady and manipulative. I wish she would live in her truth and stop putting up a front.

  5. It does look awkward and completely out of line as hell for the woman that’s throwing you a divorce party be the same woman that was texting your husband…… A co-existent work friendship is a completely different relationship than that of a Real Personal Friendship.

  6. Apollo already said he lied on Kenya so….I don’t get Phaedra….she is very fake…..and kandi is the realist!!!! #taurusnation!!!!

  7. @love I think your on the own there. coz everyone else understood it the way porscha relayed it. Although she didn’t say the words She implied that it was just something she Made up

  8. Kenya hit it on the nose with phadrea I can respect her views on marriage and all but don’t blame the demise of your marriage on Kenya. This lady was trying to do something nice for the women and to call her trifling and disgusting was over the line in my opinion. Kenya don’t sweat that sweetie you tried. I like that sheree is getting it all of her chest so she can be happy. Porsha is a list and I’m still wondering why on the last episode she had her to e closed and when phadrea knocked on the door she opened it up and adjusted her tits what’s really going on? Hmmmm

  9. What an episode! By now ,i am just ready to see the reunion episode because it seems like there’s trouble in paradise for frick and frack. Porsha been opening her mouth damn too much ! But i gotta agree with Kenya on this one , didn’t Phaedra say she wanted a restoration service? And why couldnt she say it to Kenya’s face and not through text? I had a soft spot for Phaedra but not anymore. I can see why people call her fakedra smh

  10. Everything is am mess omg I really thought these women were growing but it’s just problems from everywhere.

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