1. Melanated love on

    Thankful for this episode…. watching shree was like watching me n my ex. I am glad she was strong enough to realize giving him a second chance would not work cause he has not changed.

  2. Phaedra a certified hoe, who was flirting with Porsha Boo.
    Porsha need her ass whip and need to stop with the lies.
    Sheree need to leave the past in the past.
    Kandi should of whip Porsha ass.
    Cynthia and Kenya shoulda help with the ass whoopin.
    How Phaedra gonna make it about her when it wasnt?

  3. Sheree he is goofy as heck . girl you need a real man. You say he was not faithful I betcha none of those women he slept with would sleep with him now girl they prob want to kick themselves in the butt for messing with him. Trust a believe it was only about $$$. He look crossed anyway.

    • Right! Only reason he’s on Sherees heels so hard is because his ass is washed up! He can never pull anything on her level EVER AGAIN!

  4. Rachel Weston on

    Is Porsha men slow? Like he seems a slight delayed in responding back to people in conversation. Idk could just be me.

  5. So every body gone act like Porsha is the one who went in about Kandi being gay with Shamela && basically said every thing hell all porsha said was she’s probably still in the closet && that she heard kandi wanted to drug her… but o well kandi did start the shit talking first probably didn’t like porsha bc she talk to her bd anyway && I hate Kenya she annoying and miserable 😭 Phaedra is s con and fake porsha better watch her back bc Phaedra acting innocent leaving porsha out to hang dry. Glad Sheree found out b4 giving in to his lies can’t trust a man you can’t tell who he’s looking at any way 😂😂😂 but she fake to for not telling the whole conversation but watch && gang up on Porsha

  6. Phaedra wanted a restoration but failed to mention, she was the one who told porsha and Sheree that kandi was screwing around with porsha’s best friend. She throws rocks and hides her hands. They won’t out her ass, but if Kenya finds out she will and Sheree forgets half the Shit she does, she started the domestic violence jokes at Kenya first. Poor Tod dude in trouble with porsha”!

  7. I guess fakedra forgot how she was accusing kandi of sleeping with shamea! I can’t wait for the reunion so kandi can roast her ass! No words for Porscha just a 😐 I very rarely agree with anything Kenya has to say or do but she was dead right on the episode couldn’t fault her

  8. Chiquita Wynn on

    Every season i hate cynthia more and more. Phaedra is a fake bitch bcuz she know she talked shit about kandi and porsha didnt rat her out but we all know the truth. This she tries to act like Kandiis friend even though her “besti” porsha took the fall for her and the only reason porsha is in this mess is from standing up for phaedra which is crazy. BOB SMILES WHEN HE GETS NERVOUS!!!, I do the same and my girlfriend always says that i think shes a jjoke but i really dont, smiling is like a defense, you could feel like shit inside and still smile and it looks so wrong to some people. Almost like everything is a joke but we really arent taking it as a joke. Kenya is one of my favorites but she needs to stop friend hopping, I really believe her and porsha could be really good friends if they actually gave it a chance. Out of all the men i feel like Peter is the wisest but hes obviously not the smartest if he couldnt stay married. Maybe he should start taking his own advice.

  9. Ms. Parks, Ms. Parks….SMMFH she ALWAYS throwing Jesus in the mix, saying the other women need him but she clearly needs to go to church more and pray a little bit harder bc she is definitely falling short of what a TRUE SOUTHERN BELL is supposed to be. She thinks she better than them and is the man one with ALL the shade to give. Porsha is so dingy, dumb, stupid and the restoration was NOT EVEN!These women are a trip and I love it, can’t wait until Kandi finds out the REAL truth and see what like Ms. Parks will come up with to try and down play what she said

  10. Yawwwwwn Kandi went to 1million and Porsha sat their kinda quiet. Self control mannnn, some women need to control their emotions seriously. Just revealing all of that all over the place wtf. I think Kandi is the one that needs anger mgt.

  11. I really like Sheree she is real.. unlike some of these ladies…Porscha needs to just shut her mouth. .the more she speaks makes people not question the fact she is actually dumb as rocks !
    Sheree really felt your pain…why waste your time on Bob the deadbeat who can make light of domestic violence… He is boy in a man’s body. She should get her mate Kim’s husband Kroy to fix her up with one of his team mates.

  12. Phaedra ain’t nobody’s friend point blank period. Does Sheree have memory loss😒 you started shit now wanna blame Kenya smh. Kandi soon enough you will find out the real deal. Porscha keeps staying dumb. How u gon be loyal to someone who lets u get hanged😐
    Another great episode😉

  13. First off it was MS PARKS who started all of this and idk why sheree didn’t throw that bone out with her dog looking ass 🙄 Tired of everyone saying t porsha she didn’t even say half that shit or make it up she said she HEARD that’s what they planned….kandi need to sit down and 🤐 Kenya is extra and gets on my last nerve

  14. I don’t blame Kandi for not dealing with Porsha anymore. Kandi has supported her well beyond the other ladies as brought out in this episode. Porsha has changed so much that she is the new Kenya. While Kenya has changed so much this season that I actually like her now. I don’t think Phaedra is fake as everyone has commented. To me she is the most entertaining yet shady talker of the group, but I feel that her shade is just for laughs. I think Phaedra held her tongue on lots of things that were said about her personal life to try for some privacy while she was going through it, but eventually caved as any human being would dealing with so much pressure. Just from instagram remarks, I think the editors left out alot of the conversation and thats why Porsha is responsible for the comments on Kandi bc she actually said it! Cynthia and Peter are a gorgeous couple. Sheree run from Bob!

  15. The things Porscha said werent even that bad for everyone to get so upset. They just dont like her and they find any reason to yell and argue with her. It’s jealousy because she’s the baddest in the group and all their men check her out and she got the best looking man, meanwhile they’re sitting there with no man, papa smurf, a munchkin, and bruh man. She did NOT say Kandi and Todd tried to drug her. She said someone told her that Kandi and Todd were talking about drugging her. There are no legal ramifications for that so I don’t know what Kandi is talking about. The fact that Kandi keeps repeating it the wrong way is putting it out there even more. Kandi all of you say nasty shit to eachother just let it go. Why is it only a problem when Porscha says something? Haters. I think munchkin Marvin aka lil Todd fantasizes about Porscha that’s why Kandi mad.

    • Preachhhhh!!!!!!! Couldn’t have said it any better!!! They always have something to say when it comes to Porsha then acts like she’s crazy when she says they’re picking on her. Noticed they automatically said she’s lying and didn’t even know.

  16. I think Porscha needs to stop sticking up for Phaedra because that whole situation wouldn’t have came about or to light if Phaedra wasn’t running her mouth as usual. Phaedra can never own up to shit and is basically making Porscha into her twin. They all talk about each other and then smile in one another’s face. What type of friendship is that? It’s like a competition of who can throw the most shade. The reunion should be real interesting.

  17. Is it me or is it that every since Kandi has married Tod she has had beef with the very people she claimed to be her bestie’s . Nothing for Nothing Knadi talk about Phedra like a dog but she hooked kandi and todd up. Every since she has been beefing with people left and right

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