1. It’s time porcha & Phaedra got the taste of Kandi! Enough is enough. Kandi stayed quiet for so long about time she fixed them 2!e

    • Yess! I agree Dyan… The tea was spilt and ran over everywhere. I can’t wait! Kandi is about to get in that ass… (No pun intended) 😏

    • "..se anche avesse ragione chi dice che il film è scritto in fretta e fuiea.."considrrando che il primo soggetto è di 15 anni  fa…direi che non oso immaginare quanto ci avrebbero messo prendendosela comoda…Hawke

  2. malia cunningham on

    My Fellow Tuarean! Kandy! Stop Poking that Sleeping Bear.. when we’ve had enough.. it’s Curtins.. True or not you done go Spreading Stuff Like that of be ready to choke her Ass too..

      • Me too. And I am never team Kandi: she’s a bully. Why is Kenya on the show? Never married, creating fake story lines. In order to remain on the show, she should have to reveal all of the married men she’s sleeping with and visit a therapist every time she makes someone want to hit her. Why is Kandi in Phaedra’s business? Even if Phaedra is unlikeable, she at least doesn’t come after you.

  3. I agree Malia when us Taurus women get fed up we see the color red like the bull and that’s just it…Boy did the cup runneth over with boiling hot tea and Phaedra really sat there nervous and quiet like she wasn’t in the mix..wow wow wow

  4. Yesssssss… Serves were giving out Everywhere… They going off this season… I use to like Phaedra but not this season at all… She’s a Mess… How dare she sit there as if she wasn’t the one who said it about Kandi😏Porsha, Boo You have to do better… Phaedra is No friend of yours… Dismiss her before she allows you to get eaten alive by Wolves

    • Phaedra is a snake damn! If u are no longer friends with someone never tell their business because they told u when y’all were really cool.

    • i will never respect or look up to any judge who may sit before me and try and JUDGE ME ever again and if they dont like my attitude they can thank their peerlJavagosd

  5. Omg I can’t wait until next episode why do we have to wait awhole WEEK!!!! Kandi kandi it’s so sad when pple are no longer friends and they dish dirt out on the other person. Phaedra is going through a thot phase with portia that’s why there’s so close.

  6. My thing is this. When they played the playback, Portia was only piggybacking off of what Sheree said with a dose of shade. But I see Sheree backed out and didn’t tell it how it truly went. Once that happened it was all downhill for Portia. Phaedra sat there being a damn lush and didn’t jump in. They all probably got carpet munched at some point or did the munching. The shit shouldn’t have been brought up

  7. Please tell these ignaant ass women who, some of them want to be perceived as classy and a socialite, that the plural of deer is “DEER.” THANK YOU1

  8. wow loved this episode…the cat is amongst the pigeons…I think Marlo went too low with Kenya..That was horriable what she said about kenya’s mother..I really felt sorry for kenya. Sheree is playing a dangerous game with these women…they wont tell her anything or tell something that is not true so they can set her up !! Phadrea was smart enough to stay quiet why add more heat to the flames !! I think it is true about khandi and that’s why she is getting so angry…serves her right !!! Not liking Khnadi at all this season…seems to be a bit of a bully !!! I would not be suprised if Khandi and Porsha had a two way or three way…it would make sense with all the built up anger and tension.

    • Marlo didn’t go too low at all. Kenya deserved it all. She likes mess and got it good.
      Kandi loves all this carry on. She just attacks people now all the time. Just go back to your
      Son and husband and stop being nasty.

    • Kandi has been chill for a long time how long do ppl think a person is gonna sit back in continued to be talked about.. Marlo needs to go somewhere that comment about Kenya mother was wrong on all levels.. this is coming from a women who makes a living scamming n fucking old white men.. Phaedra did what I expected start shit then play the back in leave everyone else to handle her dirty work..

  9. I cannot wait for next weeks episode!! Sidebar: Kenya talks shit to everyone else, put barely put up a fight with Marlo! 👊🏾Granted Marlo definitely hit below the belt with the mom comment, but I’m not use to seeing Kenya bow down.

    Thanks 353! 😘

  10. I don’t why people are coming kandi when it was Phaedra and porscha that started with her last season. Don’t start none won’t be none!

  11. I don’t get why people tripping on Kandi either. She’s taken so much BS from these ladies and is NEVER the one to start anything. She’s even defended these ladies when others have come for them behind their backs. Whatever Kandi is dishing out is well deserved because these ladies keep coming for her hungry and thirsty.

    • Kandi has been chill for a long time how long do ppl think a person is gonna sit back in continued to be talked about.. Marlo needs to go somewhere that comment about Kenya mother was wrong on all levels.. this is coming from a women who makes a living scamming n fucking old white men.. Phaedra did what I expected start shit then play the back in leave everyone else to handle her dirty work..

  12. I agree 3 ladies!! Taurus women gentle but don’t get us started cause we will finish it #no bullshit LMAO but I am still team Porsha too an for Sheree to let her take all that heat knowing damn well Phaedra said it was just a hoe move you not doing nothing with those bones!!! An for Phaedra to sit there throwing em back she looked guilty silly rabbit tricks are for kids!!!!

  13. So if Marlo was doing this for the ladies to have a fresh start and hash out their differences, why didn’t she say she heard that rumour before Sheree even brought it to her attention? That way she may have defused the situation abit. I can’t stand that heffa nor her dog, Sheree. Bitch bye

  14. I fucking LIVE for the shade Kenya gives on this show. It’s so sharp and on point with the least amount of effort. Lmfao she too much. Makes my giggle every time she takes digs at Sheree hahahaha and the confessionals!! Lord Jesus take the wheel. I don’t understand why ppl don’t like her, she’s funny and entertaining as hell.

  15. why is everyone attacking kandi she startn to speak up she’s always been the quite one pheadra started hatin on her bcuz she found love wit Todd meanwhile her n Apollo were having problems she was a fake friend to her and now she ruining porshia with her nonsense how can you be friends with someone for so long and then turn on them and become friends with the weakest link smh and sheree ain’t messy at all she says what needs to be said while everyone else fake as hell porshia stay having pheadra back but pheadra don’t do the same for her Marlo that was a low blow but might b true Idk Cynthia why on earth are you divorcing Peter it’s obvious your not over him the last episode porshia tellin her man to get a job now she’s pregnant smh Kim should of stays where she was she got wit that white man and turned red neck like him smh and he ain’t got no job right now so she back makin money off rhoa

  16. and pheadra bein fake tryna have all these positive events and gatherings and shit to try to make herself look good and get attention on the reunion but I see right thru to her fakeness

  17. Kenya jealous of portia. If she got ob medication for nacisitic stop twiling like a kid. Beauty pageant was 50 years ago lmao. Get a life, some mental help, stop hateibg starting shit. Throwing shade maybe someone will give you a job. That shit is pathetic. All she has is real housewives. No-one will give her any other chances because they have no respect for her sick ass. And kandi has it going on. Where is todd. She is being petty, miserable and evil for a reason. I used to admire the way she was so peaceful. Trouble in paradise. That lady tried to warb her that todd be on the come up.

  18. These mf are not friends it’s like watching kids in high school some probably do hang but dam shree how ever you spell her name super messy it’s messy because your spreading it when yall have a gruop discussing you don’t say nothing it’s messy because ok no they don’t like each other to me they just being nice, personally i don’t f wit no one that doesn’t wish me well job or no job Porsche and Fedra how ever you spell her shit just dont want to beef wit kandi but has so much to say girl bye kandi sick of them hoes oh yeah and tired of being lable as boring because she not. That twirl bitch one word manipulator period . and they’ve just begun smdh.

  19. Kandi’s tired of the bullshit & I don’t blame her. How long can someone tolerate people coming at them. So when people say she’s bully I don’t get it😒 how would u feel if people keep throwing shade your way???
    I’m so disappointed in Porsha. I mean I know she ain’t that bright but she’s really bad this season & her so called friend Fakedra is just letting her hang herself
    Sheree messy boots that’s all I’m gonna say😐
    Just a whole bunch of messiness & shade going around 😂

  20. I really dug this episode I’m glad this season that Kandi not taking no more shit from these women. It’s about time. I can’t say that Todd is on a come up he genuinely seems to love his wife and family as far as I can see. Marlo was definitely wrong for how she came at Kenya cuz Kenya didn’t come for her I don’t see it as Kenya bowing out I truly believe that the statement hurt and embarrassed her but I’m glad she apologized. Phaadrea is super fake everybody like team phadrea but her confessionals speak her truth and all with a smile the southern bell is Lucifer himself. Portia ain’t true either I use to like her but she seems thirsty for phadrea friendship cuz u ain’t that blind to see frack ain’t real with you. Can’t wait til next week

  21. Just exactly what is Kenya’s issue with Porsha? I’m getting so tired with her animosity and aggression towards Porsha. Why can’t they both just get along? Didn’t like the messy stuff with Shamea and Kandi being lovers, heck even if they are, who cares?

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