• Ashley Bell


  • VauneyKlydeKasinova


  • Yvette Crawford

    Yaaasss bitch 💯😂😋

  • susie tarr


    • Girly Girl


      • Girly Girl

        I got u by 3 mins lol

  • Glad100011


  • SheKnows

    Tariq get on my fucking nerves. Ive never hated a kid character this much before. He need to stay out of grown folk business.

    • Crystal Hinton-Henderson

      I approve this message!!! My parents would have slapped the FIRE outta me had we done this tongue wrestling…..lol

  • Reginald Green

    Y its not playing?

  • Cece

    Mannnn this shit was just working 20minutes ago and not it’s now letting me view it. GET IT TOGETHER 353 Tv !!!!!

  • Wilfred Dubon

    shit was lit!