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  • Greedy


  • Factz203


  • Jalisha Dukes


  • Yvette Crawford

    5th fuck it😂😂

  • Breezy F

    666 ah wah di rasssss

  • dyan

    I didn’t want julio to die…………ghost is back in…………….dre gonna get whats coming for him

    • Factz203

      Agreed it was very unexpected

  • SheKnows

    This season is crazy just keeps getting better. Although it was unrealistic that Kanan took Ghost side after hating him and trying to kill him for 4 seasons straight and instead killed the person who was most loyal to him and took care of him after the fire.

    • Tiffany Stepherson

      Are you watching the same show. Jukebox was going to kill Kanan soon as Ghost handled her the money. Kanan knew she was going to kill him because all she wanted was the money. So Kanan played it smart to save his life and Tariq life and kill that mean b**ch.

      • SheKnows

        The only reason she was gonna kill Kanan because when she saw Ghost with the gun she knew he backstabbed her. I didn’t see any other indication that she wanted to kill Kanan before that.

  • MrSplacc

    NOOOOOOOOOOO . Not my nigga Julio

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  • Kevin

    its not working