1. It’s buffering really hard at around the 37min mark and on not matter how long you let it load. Something wrong with the stream?

  2. Marcus D Frazier on

    His mind is all over the place. Tommy told him to leave that Bitch Angela along. Keisha is suspect also???

    • Yes, she’s suspect because of her connection with Tasha and Ghost. Remember Tasha had her checks going to Keisha’s address as well as Tasha’s name on the hair business and bank accounts for the hair business. The FEDS main focus of arresting Ghost is to see who killed lobos; the connection between Tommie and Ghost; who is Ghost (Jaime or Tommie) ; as well as does Jaime has a connection with the drugs. Poor Keisha, she had no idea until last season about all of the drugs, money, and lies.

  3. I am sure the FBI agent who killed Knox would soon be revealed and then they would have no option to turn on the GHOST Card. Angela is just a slut….

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