1. This episode as fire! One word summary TOMMY!
    I knew he & Keisha would connect with her depending on him for safety! Ghost sounds like his hope is all gone, except for his last hope, his “brother” TOMMY. I said a summary-I lied! Now what is little scorned Angie to do now since sh*# is REALLY REAL! She’s gonna have blood on her pointed finger👉. Now Tasha might’ve given her reason to think …
    Episode3- I truly can’t wait!

    • Tracy Turnell Sabal on

      wow this is just the 2nd episode its already a lot .I hope Angi get her sense together and figure out that no way ghost will leave a gun at TRUTH. hmmmm and that one that James have running shit at the club need to come front andn tell Tommy Kegan is alive before he dies cause that exactly what will happen

      cant wait for next sunday.

  2. Oh I can’t wait to they see the camera recording in Ghost’s office and they see the bad cop planting the gun.

  3. Currvalicious on

    The way the episode started. Was Ghost r@ped in jail? Flushing blood down the toilet, walking gingerly & easing himself down onto the seat. Please opinions! Say it ain’t so.

  4. I said it last week. I knew the videos were too good to last. Anybody know another link to dowload season 4 episode 2?

  5. 353 has the better quality and uploads quicker. It’s the holiday so he is probably… living life. When he gets back it will be updated and better quality. Hopefully he doesn’t get mad at the link I provided.

  6. I do not feel bad for Ghost. All this is happening bc he couldn’t stop fucking Angela. Angela never loved him, you don’t do that to someone you love. She was just in love with the fantasy of reliving high school love not him as a person. When ghost found out she was investigating his connect lobos he should have ended it then but he is too arrogant and delusional. I just dont want Tommy to go down with him, he’s the best character on the show. And Tariq is acting like a pussyboy, i dnt even remember why he so mad at his parents. How you gon trust a criminal off the street more than your parents who buy you everything and do everything for you. Kanan is like his version of Angela, he is leaving his family for someone who will take him down the wrong path.

    • I truly agree.. But everybody makes mistakes and them mistakes has consequence with them.. I like ghost so much as a person but this one may cause his life… But thats life you make a mess up decision one time and it can tear your whole world apart… This shit happens in real life.. And when you have a down as partner like tasha you never fuck over them like ghost did his wife.. She is what you call a true queen.. Cause me if my husband did me like that.. I could had even cared if he went to prison for life.. Or even got a damn death sentence.. Cause i know i was a good wife to a selfish lieing piece of shit boy cause he aint no man cause a man wouldn’t have done me like that.. He would have let me be.. Before we got married and had kids.. Cause he would have known that i was to good for him.. So ghost take that L cause you fucked up because of some stankin pussy smdh.. Im sitting here talking like this shit real lol.. But im serious…

  7. Shameeka Moody on

    I almost cried at the end. After all goes has done for everybody the lease anyone could do is hold him down. They know ghost and James and they’re aware of what he’s capable of especially his wife Angie🍑 and after all ghost has done for everybody the lease anyone could do is hold him down. They know ghost and James and they’re aware of what he’s capable of especially his wife Angie🍑 and Tommy. I hate Angela because now she feels guilty and she’s the one who put him in this position while helped. And that’s fucked up because she knows him as an individual person to now she wants to act like she doesn’t know who he is she doesn’t know what he’s capable of you wasn’t saying that when he was all Up in your guts. Plus she’s known him since he was a teenager how could you not know him. I just hope everything that’s done in the dark comes to light. And I am in love with Tommy! I like how he’s taking charge and move in the way ghost did I just hope he’s more Aware. Oh and did I tell you I hate angela! Tyreek to but you can expect so much from a vulnerable teenager who’s going through a lot he needs a father figure and Kenan is that.

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