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    • Tennyson Colquhoune

      Lucky u🙄🙄

      • Chelsey

        😂 thanks for your time an response

  • Matty Burnside

    Hell yeah!!!

  • Sirenia..

    Damn smdh wat a twist 50.

  • Era Coleman

    I loooove it…. Just sad thats the last episode :'(

    • Nifty Nordz

      Me too… next year is too long a wait for more Power

  • dyan

    tarique is now apart of the family legacy……….a mother would do anything for their kids…….I knew terry would not be there for her like he wanted to once he knew the truth and that is jus a tip of the iceberg………

    • Nifty Nordz

      He”s such an idiot. If Ghost & Tommy had taken care of it, it would have been done cleaner…. absolutely no mess. All next season they would be searching for RayRay’s body. Stupid Tarique.

      • i smackhoes

        Lol ikr damn and angela seen that bullet in the wall, i hope it wasn’t from tasha’s gun but either way it will get bad for the St. Patrick’s before it gets good, and i hope they send tyriq’s ass to conneticuit fr

  • Jazzy Jan

    Foolish Boy

  • ItsJJ

    This was a good ending suck we have to wait for the next season.😑

    • Nifty Nordz

      I can’t wait for the next season…. all the way next year… Im having withdrawal symptoms already

  • Redd Candy

    Please fix😔I been trying to watch since Sunday 😢