1. Mariah is such an evil spirit, Toya gave her the right treatment. She’s jealous of the girls relationship with one another and as a group so she will jumps at a chance to instigate and courage altercations in every situation. Toya expressing very disgusting behaviour because of her own struggles, she is delusional and rude. I feel sorry for her husband and she tries so hard to demasculinze him, it’s sad. Dr. Heavenly is a peace of work, she drives me up the wall. I seriously think she is jealous of Lisa Nicole but I just don’t know why. Quad is a very intelligent woman and could see these ladies true intentions very clearly, especially Mariah’s. Dr. Jackie needs to balance her work and family life more. She just seems to be this black educated professional driven woman on steroids. Dr. Simone is between a rock and a hard peace, she wants to keep the peace and still try to not offend the other party. She need to realise that these need to be told the truth about their behaviour and that it will not be accepted. Dr. Simmone is too scared to offend. She needs to know how to be honest and that does not mean you have to be brutal, that’s what will save the group.

    • Monique Simmons on

      Besides a few spelling errors.. I pretty much agree.. Heavenly is something else.. she needs to add “I will not tear down other women with my words” to that mirror of declarations. I hate how she demean other women to uplift herself.. it’s unattractive.. Toya, is ungrateful and greedy.. I feel sorry for her husband.. she talks to him any kind of way.. and as rough around the edges as these women are, I don’t see any of the other wives being so disrespectful towards their husband.. Toya should honor Eugene better than what she is doing and help him do anything she can to get the debt paid.. why does she keep spending money.. Dr. Jackie needs to pay attention to what her husband us asking her for.. she needs to balance he work and home life.. work seems to be going well.. she might want to step it up a bit to make her husband feel significant to her.. it’s nothing wrong with making your husband feel wanted by you.. put those charts away work will be there when you are finished.. Dr. Jackie doesn’t see how she’s dropping the ball.. and Nicole.. these women now knows her weak spot and it’s for her husband.. they jab at her weak spot constantly and it’s kind of sad to watch.. it’s not funny at all I feel like she gets bullied by this group of women.. it’s disgusting to watch episode after episode of this woman’s self-esteem and self-assurance get torn apart every week.. Mariah pisseso me off as well always playing the victim and creating drama… now why did she make that moment about Dr. Simmone about Herself!?!?!?… That moment Dr. Simmons shared with Mariah should have been about Dr. Simmons and her father.. I’m tired of Mariah playing victim.. Do Better!

      • Monique Simmons on

        *Dr. Simmone autocorrect thinks I want to type my last name (Simmons)… and I also see a few other errors in my comment as well.. but I think the reader will be able to comprehend it clearly..

        • MONIQUE SIMMONS YOU ARE MESSY! YOU ATTACKED JADE TRYING TO BE SHADY AND SAYING “OH I PRETTY MUCH AGREE EXCEPT FOR, WELL YOU KNOW, ALL THE MANY SPELLING ERRORS” That was petty and unnecessary because everything that she was saying was clear and concise regardless of if a word or two was misspelled, and you turned around and did what? Type a post riddled with misspellings and grammatical errors. And then you follow up with, oh, I see a few errors in my comment, but I think the reader can comprehend what I am TRYING to say… Uh, YEAH, just like we COMPREHENDED what Jade was saying. You are kindred spirits with Dr. Heavenly. You guys are two peas from the same jacked up, vicious, judgmental, rotten POD. Talking about some, OH… AUTOCORRECT THINKS I WANT TO TYPE MY LAST NAME (SIMMONS)… GET the heck out of here HEAVENLY clone clown!!!!!

          • okaaaaaaay Joseliiiiine!!!! lol these comments can be just as messy as these damn shows. everybody knows auto correct does what the hell it wants to. Yall petty (incl me for watching these shows and for adding this comment lol) This is why women will never rule the world; the ones with money cant even unify in a spa and the ones that don’t cant even unify over a show…lol I pray for us

          • Exactly Joseline, I thought the exact same thing. People just wanna be petty online because they are sad. And on top of all that she wasn’t even qualified to correct anyone. Lmfao this shit right here is gold. Don’t you just love the internet. Hahahahaha

  2. I think Quad has no life outside Mariah! She can’t keep Mariah’s name outta her mouth for five seconds! WOW!


    Toya is coming off as a mean girl to me. I want to like her but she just seems to constantly over step boundaries then flip out like a teenage girl. And despite her financial situation she keeps spending unneccesary money! I love Quad but she did send the message to Mariah with an open ended option to attend the party she didn’t clearly uninvite her. Dr. Jackie please give your man some one on one alone time before another woman does. I feel like Heavenly is on the right track. She knows she needs to do better and is making an effort. Lisa Nicole, girl find some new friends. These ladies dont take you serious.

    • that’s y her ass broke now. I don’t even get how she could possibly feel entitled to spending as much as she does and she doesn’t even work. All she does is spend money. And with each new episode you can see Eugene’s getting fed up. Shes so disrespectful, wasteful, egocentric….I really liked her at the beginning bc I though she was just brutally honest….but she takes it to a whole nother level. Eugene is the realest one on the show. He seems like he’d be the way he is with or without money, a true down to earth hood “guy”. idk why hes still with her. I mean im all for the sanctity of marriage, but damn. Her ass needs to be put on probation or something until she gets some act right….acting like 9k is so much better than 11k. Girl, go rent you a nice home for $600/month and yall would be out of yall thousand dollar debt in no time. I totally understand not wanting to take a couple steps back in life, but she needs to tell her pride to take a seat in that 9k/mo plush house before its sitting on the curb.

  4. malia cunningham on

    I really hope to ex-husband get some backbone and really set her straight now so much check her or embarrass her but since her straight because she is totally emasculating this man not only is she doing that she did it in front of mixed company and they paid $10,000 on the house they’re in now and they’re going to go get a $8,000 house I can’t you get anything less than that do you have to have an $8,000 house and you have no job or any business drumming up anywhere what does she do besides spend money

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