1. I’m not mad at Lisa or Mariah. When 1 person out of a group has something against you. They try to make you as miserable as they are. They start with all your friends and turn people against you to make you feel isolated then tear you down to build themselves up. Lisa just want her life to be private so does Mariah. Lisa may have false direction when it came down to “business with Dr. heavenly” but Dr. Heavely was talking mad shit about her even before she asked her for help. Quad is on a whole diffent level of identity crisis all the way down to the accent. 👀💅🏽🐸☕️ Anyway…… I still like the show!

    • Rajue al Mahdi on

      I like that you express your views on their issues fairly.
      The most part I enjoy the show.
      I’m not a fan of Lisa nor Mariah, but I do know of those type of women and we are not acquaintance. I feel when you are broken everything(everybody) around you will be.

  2. Mariah is a snake in the grass and she continues to have deep negative thoughts about everyone. Quad might be dramatic but at least she does things and it seems sincere. Lisa is a real live dummy and no matter how she put it her business practices are shady as hell.

  3. I dont think lisa understands what a relationship is. A friend is not someone who kisses ur ass all the time. And a husband is not someone you just tell what to do. And Mariah seems to have an issue with everyone, so she’s the problem.

  4. Lisa is so fake and delusional. I wonder what goes on in her head. She doesn’t seem in touch with reality AT ALL. Same way she handles her marriage. And, when will Quad admit that she needs her OWN child? You want to give your nephew the best? Common girl! Give a good man a baby if you can. I really do not like Maria. She’s like a bad egg sowing seeds of discord here and there. She needs to be checked! She even messed up the ‘breast friends’ photo. Should have just stayed out…..Can’t wait for the reunion

    • In Mariah’s defense you have to consider her husband and his culture. I don’t think that would’ve been accepted.. Remember last years trip when they switched spouses… Mariah told Aiden’s pretend spouse they would have to put on more clothes to his wife.

  5. Mariah you do not want to be friends with these bunch of ladies. leave them in peace.
    Lisa you need to wake up and join everyone in the real world. Life is not a disney movie

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