1. Jay needs to take her immature irresponsible ass home to her kid who needs her more than this damn show! So sick of seeing women abandoned n their damn kids for an unpromising opportunity! Thank god slim put her ass straight.

  2. Major Galore cant sing period .Her Music is whack she is acting so thotish and am begining to think Dj Self is smashing her thats why she is dumb cant know 1+1=4

  3. Snoop needs to send that dumb bitch Jae back to the psych ward where she came from. Snoop has so many positive things going on in her future; she doesnt deserve that unnecessary drama. Peter and Sisco the resolution was priceless.

  4. Peter guns and Cisco good job handle it like to grown men!!! Jade jade jade dam girl you started off good i wouldn’t want to ever to bi with her after that… Yandy just need to pop both babymothers in they mouth the are really some hating a bitches…..Gwinning entertainment is a joke with both major and Mariah the both trash cthu

  5. Don’t care what nobody say Yandy is a troll. She has been doing sneaky shit to both of those baby mommas and now they getting back with her. You can’t be mad when you start stuff then people retaliate. She lied to mendece 3 times and I heard her and that’s supposed to be your other half. Y’all better read between the lines and see who really keeping the mess going. You changed the locks on a apartment that your name is not on and you are not legally married to this man, how did you think that was gone bring the family together. Yandy talk a lot of good shit for the camera but everything she said to Erica was hateful and unnecessary and she will get what she deserves.

    • Exactly, her words and actions do not match up! Even the fact that she CONTINOUSLY mentioned being “the wife” when she knew LEGALLY & “according to the government” isn’t married to him. IJS she spent a lot of energy making a false point. Then think about the fact that she lied on national TV to her “husband” for us all to see and she was aware those cameras were rolling, just imagine all the sh!+ she causes behind the scenes…

    • Cat in the Hat on

      I usually don’t reply, but I truly agree. I hate violence especially over a man, but they have crossed that line… now it’s about respect. Out the blue since he’s been gone both bitter baby mamas have an issue. If it was true, why wasn’t any of this an issue when he was free and seating there. Both need to let it go and stay in their lane. And damn y’all killing me with not having the marriage license sent off. They’re still married. N if you don’t agree… So when you give birth and have to send for the birth certificate… it’s not your child til you get it back in the mail. 🤔🤔🤔Man, Get out of here😊

      • Agreed. A piece of paper does not define the commitment to another person. Just another way to track and get more money.

  6. I hate dumb ass bitches on

    I really think Yandy is being played buy the two wanna be’s. Yandy shut both of there money down!!! They are so trying to have a storyline and then also trying to be you!!! I’m praying you make it right buy your Husband mail the damm paper!!! No boss up and then shit on the other two. Once you mail the papers you have Step Mom rights take they ass to court to see the kids!!!

  7. This bitch said “woman to woman I want to apologize to you for being in that trio” 😐 Hoe don’t nobody know u!
    And damn I was routing for Jade smh her ass gotta go
    Remy getting on my nerves too she seems so mean to Pap….

  8. First off yandy isn’t a boss she is babymama number 3 and yes I’m married hunny so I can talk my shit . She needs to humble her lying ass !

    J or jade whatever she needs to take her mental bad parenting ass down 🙄 She been doing this shit for years and it’s sad ! Go take care of that son of yours because you are done here .

    Dj self your artists are terrible and so is their makeup , I’m a great artist hire me Kk?

    Cisco needs to man up and cut the shit stop with all the whining and grow up

    Remy and pap remind me of my husband and I

  9. Snoop definitely needs to cut ALL ties with that J chick! She’s unstable & obsessive. She needs to take her ass home to her child!!!!

  10. I love Yandy..Honestly, the babymommas have no life besides fuckin with yandy, and keeping the kids away from her….Using the kids as a pawn smdh She’s an excellent role model and awesome stepmom. I want to know what jobs or career they have besides hatin on a reality show! They both bitter & can’t handle the fact their ex moved on…Just because you are not married on paper does not take the commitment away of being married. My husband and I was together 5 yrs and between GOD & us we was married…We finally did get married on paper, but having a paper did not change our love for each other. Rich a hoe and punk,Sisco & Peter real g’s, Gwinn artist is trash!! Snoop don’t need ol girl she just want the paper & was on a VH1 reality show a fews years back…smh Last but not least Bianca a clown and music trash

  11. WOW! How touching the relationship with Peter and Sisco and the fact that Sisco could go talk to Amina for advice. I hope that moment between them was a real one. It brought a tear to my eye that they could show their affection for each other like real family does. Let’s see how things go with Rich next week. DJ Self is a joke and wanna be! I don’t care about any one else on this show!

  12. Oh not to mention Yandy gave those bitter bitches a storyline to be on the show…They need to be humble and thankful Yandy gave them a platform…Cuz nobody was checkin for those ops

  13. I normally dont post but Jade is childish. She needs to just leave. Yandy Im still rooting for you and the hubby. Just mail off the paper. I understand your commitment level but do rightby your family. The baby mamas need to get it together move on and live there life.


    • Swear I was going to say the same thing like Yandi doesn’t have a story line I’m sure their all in cahoots together so now all three of them are getting checks from VHI (yandi, Samantha, and Ericka) seriously where did the Erica chick even come from it all seems fake and full is ish its for ratings and to keep yandi relevant since mendecees went to jail duh

  15. Yandy got mendecee’s bm’s on here for her storyline..she couldn’t give damn about their kids..The kids are just pawns for her storyline..that does not a good person make..that’s all

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