1. Damnnnn Sisqo!! That look on Peter’s face was priceless 😒😅😳 he was salty lol..If the baby mom Ericka call Yandy a troll one more time 😒She is soo corny

    • i like yandy…but i dont get why she so mad at the BM really. Why wouldnt you want your husband to pay child support? Thats his kids….he had before you. Why stop feeding them or they can only eat when they at your house? Thats wrong. And in speaking as a woman who has dealt with babymoms before and is one as well (though currently married). However you speak about the moms you also speak about those kids because they are their moms. Its wrong and if Yandy is the wife she doesnt need to go around like this what a wife does. No, Im a wife and would never do stuff like that. If i love those kids I love where they came from too.

  2. Cat in the Hat on

    Yes… I agree with Yandy no BBM would get my paper either. But…. Maybe I’m wrong, but didn’t she say “It was a break baby” maybe I’m wrong any way. Erica and Sam need to seat down. I was so proud of Jade for putting on her big girl panties. Really hope the guys can get things right.

  3. Cisco sounds and looks worse than a 15 year old girl doing things like that because of a restaurant. That is some childish shit. I hope Gunz does give him a good one to the face. Deserves it!

    • It’s not the restaurant it’s making moves behind your brother’s/ sisters back. Loyalty is everything.

      Yandy about money she wants the title of wifey to OUTDO the other Baby Mother’s but she don’t trust the man enough to marry him legally. She doesn’t trust him because deep down inside she don’t want the government to get a hold of her money because then she would be the SLIDE.

      • I agree yandy needs to sit down she keep talking all this mess about her money when there is something called a PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT in America!!! Where her money can’t be touched…long story short she’s just as messy as the other baby moms she just got a ring an think she’s different girl bye

        • Correvt me if im wrong. A prenuptial agreement is only for the person your marrying. That doesnt have anything to do with the government having access to it for deces restitution!! If he owed the government money or back child support and him and yandy were married if deces didnt have enough to pay it. They would come for yandy money. This happened to my friend. She got hurt at our job(walmart) sued them. Her settlement was 30,000 after lawyer fees. Her husband owed irs and child support. When her check was deposited it was only 8,000. They took all her money upfront. No warning no nothing.

    • Not working for me either. I tried 3 different browsers and 2 different devices. Dang I guess it’s only avail to watch for limited time

  4. Yesssss CISCO ! Tbh Peter Rich self and cisco too damn OLD to be talkin’ about some creep squad y’all sound dumb as fuck and y’all embarrassing yourselves Erika and Samantha need to go somewhere like it’s no way they that mad it’s too much dick walkin’ around for them to be so bitter

  5. Uhmm Yandy you DID say that Mendeecees or however his name is spelled, called his son a break baby… this that shit I be talking about with Pisces they be back pedaling and shit. And lying out of their ass. She’s pretty asf but she be acting out… they’re probably all in on this drama because it will give them all checks at the end of the day. It don’t seem that real to me.

  6. Security is so corny they should at least allow them to get 1-2 hits in. I don’t like Peter but Cisco was wrong. And damn Tara in the nxt episode, they do not need to bring her pathetic ass back.

    • Lmaooooo Tara is too pathetic! This show is beyond corny. How Cisco and Tara automatically become homies? And re my need to just go ahead and give pap his baby. Lol she made all the way up. That’s enough for now

  7. Nicol Arrington on

    Boooo to Sam and Erika these two women are the weakest links in this show let Yandy and her man live geez…it’s so not that serious over one dude. And who really cares about Erika she is truly trying to get noticed Yandy the “troll” about her paper maybe these two should get on they grind they would have less time to be concerned with Yandy and her hubby. I hope Gunz drops corny Cisco with a right hook weak link number three.

  8. malia cunningham on

    They should call it the fuckboys squad because they all ain’t nun but some fuckboys Peter Gunz is the biggest football got 10 got damn kids that’s crazy and whether you and he is married to him or not she still has power of attorney you can give anybody power of attorney I want to Google that my cell cuz I’m not too sure if that’s even true that what she did was illegal so I’m a double check that my but them two Brides need to have a seat get your life because no matter what they say about you and her coins is straight he is straight as an arrow

    • It is an illegal eviction in nearly every US jurisdiction. Actually, It’s one of the first things I learned in law school. lol

  9. malia cunningham on

    This damn talk text what I was saying is no matter what they say about Yandy her coins is straight she said she was two snaps of being a billionaire she is a millionaire I check the network she up there she got some racks

  10. malia cunningham on

    So if it don’t work out between her and Mendeecees she’ll be fine because she going to live the good life and her babies LOL dramedy

  11. Pretty_kitty16 on

    Wow Sisco…whack ass move bc you mad at somebody else smh…,the show could def do w/o jay and snoops “situationship”, and I don’t blame Yandy not one bit!!!! Not telling her husband I don’t agree with but her logic makes sense. If her money gets gone how is she going to provide for her family?????

    • Exactly. Its still her money. Why she gotta give it all up because mendeecees committed crimes? Or bc he’s in jail? Shit she’s already his lover.. And Sam and Erika are so fuckin thirsty. If it wasn’t for yandy they probably wouldn’t even be on the show. And jay and snoop are annoying. Jay obviously just want a come up. And Cisco is fuckin g childish asf. Like y’all weren’t even coo when the idea for the resteraunt came about. Corny I tell ya

  12. Prenupt and child support are two different things. In the state of New York the law states that you are responsible for any child support payments that your husband can’t pay. That’s why she didn’t send the paperwork off. Prenupt agreements are for divorce situations

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