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  • MsRomero

    Second! Heyyy

    • Great ariltce, thank you again for writing.

  • Maria

    It won’t play for me😢

    • Haahhaha. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

  • Vanessa

    Kimmmmmmmm BITCH!! Ughhh I can’t stand her slow ass. She stay tryna turn up and can’t put together a sentence for shit


    She said locksmith No Harris..lol 4 real tho.

  • malia cunningham

    Theese Batches! !!

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    • If you wrote an article about life we’d all reach enlightenment.

  • @Morgan

    Tonite’s show so great , so shady – drama TV- Yancy fashions – on top of the World!💰😎


    Yandy: “I felt like i was reading an exerpt of my life”.

    Duh you extra smart ass dummy.
    Thats the purpose of a good BOOK.

  • Kendra

    SMH. I’m so over Yandy, Samantha and Erica’s story line… So over it. It has to many holes. It’s all a she say she say game. Just don’t know who to believe. One says they didn’t call. They other says they did. These are grown adults with children. The common denominator here is Mendecees(spell check). 7
    On another 📝 Sam didn’t get hype to her “moms” stepped in.. Lol All them need family therapy.

  • Tippy

    Did Samantha really get crazy afrer her mom went out on Kim

    • Shay

      Yes Same Thing I Said

  • Teira

    I’m starting not to believe Yandy! She has too much going on and obviously can’t manage it. They all need to get it together for the kids. It’ll prolly take for Mendecese to get out of jail for this to happen. Yandy is a high stepping stool and needs to come down.

    • I didn’t mind the typos, I loved your stream of cocuoinssness writing, I’m now wondering if my wife has Aspergers, (she won’t respond to fingers snaps) and I’m still freaked out about cheesy baby goats.Irv

  • Cat in the Hat

    Samantha really, who sends their mom into drama, then start barking. Kimbella said it perfect “that bastard fucked over all them.” 🤔🤔

    • Dee

      Lmao i love her. It’s the truth!

  • Sammie

    Hmmm yandy quiet as a mouse without her crew behind her!…yasss sam tell her about herself Byatch!!!

  • Sammie

    Why would you go to a child’s birthday party to make trouble!! Juelz control your woman!

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  • john jones
  • Casino22

    Them baby mommas need sum d that’s all#facts

  • Girly Girl

    Kim would have got popped again talking bout my man Joe can even bang 👊👊👊

  • Not, “I’m bout to Chrissy her ass” lolololol. Next topic, Yandy been a clown, I need the real ones to jump out her circus. Go Rem & Pap. Gn.

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  • Nicol

    Sam, erika, and her mom are corny as fuck. They keep Yandy name in their mouth the jealousy is so real. Keep doing you Yandy!

    • myz kiki

      As far as it goes the show is the shit. I really wish yandy would go and submit thier marriage licence so the bitches would shut the fuck up. Yo the mad asses bitter as shit cause dude choose her to be wifey. fuck bitches get over it. if dude wanted yall he would have been with yall forming a bitter baby mama team against yandy not gon help yo asses. And a bitch gatta work to help support her husband kids while his ass locked up so chill she is busy but she still helps and it dont stop yall ass from recieving cheques. all she asking for is time with these kids for their brother and sister sakes not hers and not their father. Shit go find another dick make a life for ya selves erica and samantha. and sams mom kim needs to sit her old tired ass down before she catch another suppries heart attack. She looks like sams dad to me like she carry a dick under those manly clothes she wear. hey i gat and idea maybe sam and erica can ride on kims dick lol fuk outta here.

    • myz kiki

      In response to s.g.t are you sure what you read on this man is the truth. because it was said that they are posting shits up in the blogs on internet and stuff about him trying to destroy him worst than he already is destroyed. and if its so then his ass should have been arrested for it along time ago it should have been reported along time ago. Is there any mug shots behind it. straight facts dont trust everything u read. Some stories are made up like the ones erica samantha and many others are trying to put out there. Straight up nigga pimp game was strong he had them fooled that i can believe. Because he is sexy as fuck the dick must be good as fuck and they cant have him the way that they wanted him. THEY WRITE WRONGS ON HIM straight up. He belongs to yandy they need to get over it now

  • Monica Rodriguez

    Everything is the same. Same ol same ol but what i will never understand is erica boostin her old ass mom up to go outside. Telling her hit her in the face. Didn’t your mom have a heart attack. N if u go back to all previous altercations erica b hiding behind her mom in almost every altercation and can’t do nothing with out her it seems. Even the episode where her mom had the heart attack if she wont faking it erica was egging on drama for her mom to get in then n her mom didn’t want to. Its your moms i get it but she getting old time to start fighting your own battles sweetie.

  • Dionne

    Kim Bella shoulda stayed her stupid ass home, Samantha is liar; how is it that you tried to reach Yandy all this time to help plan your son’s bday party and she doesn’t get back to you but she responds to meet up with you when u DO actually call 😑; Yandy looked confused as fuck..

    • Lisa

      Good point!👌

  • Michael

    I guess I will get cable. This site has way too many pop-ups and the videos are not working. This site was much better in mid 2016 before all of the pop-ups

  • Lisa

    But wait…..didn’t Kim just have a heart attack???????? U letting ur daughter direct u to ur death😂😂😂😠 yeah ok. And by the way Kim, ur daughter MUST look like her father, because I don’t see NO u n her. Handy, u my girl, but u were wrong not to let the kids go to their brother’s party. After all, it’s not about u, it’s about the kids……remember????

  • Lisa

    That’s SUPPOSED to say “YANDY”😕

    • Posts like this make the ineetnrt such a treasure trove

    • Is your arm really broken?? I’m sorry to hear about that, and it reminded me that I also broke my arm a long time ago – and man it looked a lot worse than the way your arm looks in the picture.

  • supreme green team

    some of today’s women are dumb as hell creating all this drama over a mandeecee I read an article about him mess in with his gf 16 yr old daughter look it up him and Yankee are fakes

  • laura

    this shit is crazy, yandy aint stupid she know samantha always scheming that was real petty of samantha telling yandy to hv some sort of relationship with erika cause she said so when yandy was trying to do that they wasmt hearing it ow they wanna sabotage yandy smfh. why did samantha go visit him n why would she think he wants to c her mother she a disrespecful old bitch. kim is slow for listening to samantha

  • verna

    Damn where the new episode

  • Tiara

    Verna I said the same thang lol I’m waiting… I know this episode going to be fye

    • Jasmine


  • Cece

    Where’s episode 14?

  • mz shade

    Next Episode looks MESSSSYYYY!!! haha