• Dallas Down Pryncess


  • Girly Girl

    Ayyyyeee turn up

  • Spike

    Lyrica, her husband and that entire picnic party have MAJOR hair issues. Whan an ugly group of people with the exception of 1 or 2. And if either of the mothers were mine, I’d adop[t myself out. Those two mothers are HIDEOUS beasts!

    Lyrica and that group are making some type of money, why cant they go to a beautician?

    • Ebony Bickham

      😂😂 coming from the fuc w no profile pic. I bet youre just gorge

      • Spike

        I can assure you EVERYONE is much better looking than anyone named Ebony….. hahahahaha!

        You are probably uglier than the ugliest at that picnic, HA!

  • Courtney Wheeler

    the show just keeps on manufacturing unbelievable bs

  • gillian sandy

    not feeling this cast at……

  • Katrice Thomas

    brooke?.. why tho? smh.. i still dont understand why alexis neeeds to speak to masika

    • Bonita ♥

      I’m curious too. What closure does Alexis want from a woman who owes her NO LOYALTY?

      • Katrice Thomas

        i dont understand what her problem is..

  • Bonita ♥

    Omg I HOLLERED during that fighting scene. 🤣 Best one of LHH history.

  • Ruth Frank

    Masika needs sit down or get her own show ain’t making no one famous out here. Hell your looking for fame yourself!

  • Queen

    Why is it giving me an open load message?