• Kennay

    Well damn I have never said this but FIRST 😜😜😜

  • Girly Girl


  • Shannon Mcquitter

    Lyrica handled moniece ass. And i like nia but she needs to remove herself from that b.s an be great.

  • Valerie Zamora

    So Moniece can turn up on lyrica but cant say nothing to Tiffany? Girlll bye.

  • Bettyboo35

    Lyrica u put her in her place. And maskia u petty af u two call nikki baby plastic but miss cary beauty barbie u plastic too. Grown ass woman stop the drama. Nia keep out of it

  • Tamara Pam

    i’m team Moniece and co anytime

  • Ms. Bling 💋

    Lyrica my girl put Moniece in her damn place. She is the Shit get it right. Masicka just tryna be relevant with her non relevant ass😫

    • Tasha Gabriel

      I love moniece.she my girl. And why is masicka dodging Alexa sky??IF SHE HAS NOTHING TO HIDE THEN CONFRONT THE BROD AND MOVE ON.

  • Jalisa Rickenbacker

    Lol Cisco has major problems and doesn’t need to be in a relationship. Like you blowing up like that for what. Make up your mind. Shit if I was Tieara I would’ve started messing with Amber myself cause she fine AF.