• Girly Girl

    Yaaasss bitch 😂😍😘

  • Lakesha Menefee


  • CuiJY9P3tCzsDNn2LMuG

    First. Respect my hustle you bitcccches.

  • diamondniue hunt

    I love zell

  • Do it really matter

    Tierra was drunk as shit.. But off what tho.. Wine? Loco gucci look like designers alter ego. Lyrica need to come herself and that mane on her head down.. And was i the only one that saw A1s mom try to shake her back.. Oops i meant butt

  • Morgan Green

    Zell is my guy this season yess bih

  • StraightUp

    Brooke looked and sound so stupid

  • Dina Miguel Bonilla

    Tierra is a hot ass mess. Idk why she doesn’t get any help. SMFH.

  • Amber Burd

    please start posting snowfall !!!! its NOWHERE

  • Tam tam GeorgiaGirl

    Her friends knee she had a drinking problem and yet they got her a glass of wine. Not really her friends. They wanted that to happen.