• Jennifer LadyJen Villanueva

    FIRST!!!! #LHHH

    • CuiJY9P3tCzsDNn2LMuG

      – spic

  • Yvette Crawford

    Yaaasss bitch 😘😜😂

    • CuiJY9P3tCzsDNn2LMuG

      your edges are a mess.

      • Yvette Crawford

        Eat a dick

  • dyan


  • dyan

    this is by far the best episode I’ve watched in a long time…………the best scene with the guys getting their results from their jerk offs……………

  • Anna Marie Jimenez

    Its not loading

    • CuiJY9P3tCzsDNn2LMuG

      ur not loading.

  • Destiny

    This Miss Nikki btc look a mess that ass looks horrible on u girl !!!!

    • CuiJY9P3tCzsDNn2LMuG

      who u?

    • Pink Kitty

      😭Thought i was the only one… Lyrica looked a hot mess too smfh

  • Valencia S Bling

    Is it just me or does Massicka & Alexis look alike 😳

    • CuiJY9P3tCzsDNn2LMuG

      exactly, can’t tell the difference.

      • Valencia S Bling

        When Alexis came on I thought it was Massicka 😱 I’m like wth

  • Courtney Wheeler

    why these broads plotting to go to someone else’s event (someone who is completely uninvolved) and cause problems. I hate how staged these shows have become. they dont even try to hide that this ish is scripted.

  • Tavia Tay

    the sperm count shit had me dying lol

  • EDP

    Masika looks a mess. Having a baby did her NO justice.

  • Dora White

    The part where Rich ex women is fucking marcus this shit bout to get real and booby and marcus women going to start fucking around…

  • Treasure No-chest Demmings

    Yes honey.!! Binge watching and masika just face the girl wtf you slept with 3 peoples man like you ain’t think it was gonna catch up to you.?? Delusional at its best…