• girlllllllllllllllll but how u say the wine was good now she talking shit to karlie drama headedass girlllllllllllll dime gone head babay

  1. Mimi sat down somewhere worry about yo gotdam self. You leaked a tape and didnt tell nobody. So you really worried about Joseline and Mellissia fucking round cause yall use too have a thing. Let be honest everybody pointing blame at Joseline and aint taking they own shyt. That shyt old news get over it gotdam, and at the end of the day leave the kids out of it. Im over Kirk. Joc a mess he tickles me lol. Joseline aint all bad and everybody makes mistakes.

    • I dont agree.. FUCC the sex tape… or anything else but that bitch Joseline stated that Stevie molested his own child.. That’s not a joking matter.. I feel MiMi.. that bitch Joseline is a joke.. and she really needs her ass beat for that.. That bitch caused all type of drama and stabbed to many in their backs.. So some shit yu can say it’s old.. but never forgotten

  2. Great episode!!! Karlie you know damn well that Tommie would tear your ass to pieces…that’s why u waited til security was around to pop off…

  3. Where’s Empire, where’s Being Mary Jane, where’s The Have and Have Nots???…. Are they not steaming? 😥

  4. Lol. Stop it Karlie, you know you got beating nobody @$$… Luvs you! But no! 😁
    Melissa… I enjoy seeing her on the show. Show IHOP she stays true to herself..
    MiMi…. Is doing the right thing. She should get a restraining order if Stevie doesn’t follow through with her wish.
    Tommy… I’m just over her.
    Lovely Mimi.. Im over her too. I hope she’s not back next season. We don’t need no more loud ghetto ratchet women on the show. So she can go have severely seats…
    It actually needs more of people who balance it out. I. E. Melissa..

  5. Joseline made a statement that the Stevie was a child molester…..
    That is a serious accusation! So I see why MiMi is sooooooo upset she has ever right to be. No one gets over that. Talk about leaving the children out of it…. Ha! Joceline didn’t when she made that statement..
    CPS could have gotten involved and it would have caused a lot of problems.. For Stevie and MiMi. So I get her still being angry. And not to mention she has done plenty more to her. But like MiMi said that was the line that she crossed!

    • I agree, calling someone a child molester is a serious accusation. I don’t like Mimi, but I do understand where she is coming from.

  6. Funny how Tommie asked her mother where she’s been, the mom says…’well ya know’ so nonchalant. And Tommie says no with a very straight face. I did rewind that.

  7. I’m trying to figure out how Kirk don’t wanna get a DNA test for a “randoms baby” but when yo own wife got pregnant your bitch ass ran down to the cvs, Walgreens, Walmart or whatever and got a home DNA test for you and your wife’s child but can’t get a DNA test for this random skeltor looking bitch baby… Kirk you a hoe ass piss poor dick a nigga, fucking over your own wife for a random hoe boy…

  8. love the show but dislike some members Karlie Red, Treasure, Dime, Sierra, Joseline those bitches can make their own reality show and fuck over each other

  9. Lawd what be wrong wit da chirren! These hoes and hoe hoppers swapping each other around. 😬Ny child you know nawl. Hoseline laying up there talking about she can’t with her big pu$$¥ ass.


    HONEY LOVELY MIMI is going to mess around and get her ass deported back to HOE CHI MINH CITY where she come from and yes i did say HOE because aint no way that bitch raising no kids. RECEIPTS and Joseline be making friends with circus clowns and the two JAILBAIT HOES Tommie and Lovely Mimi will always be accused of something. Jasmine is nothing but a THOT who goes after men and let them breed they seeds inside her dank worn out ass young vagina. These women needs some MORALS and MIMI KARLIE REDD and Joseline are just some PUBLICITY HOES Rasheeda is the one hurting and aint nobody trying to come to her rescue except her mama. Scrappy aint gonna never satisfy his MAMA DEE because he can’t stay with a a woman long enough to take a piss. KURT aint nothing but a tranny chaser. I be glad when one of them trannys that turned him out expose him on another season. Stevie J is not father material especially with that tranny that TURNED HIS ASS OUT in the ATL. All these people are turned out by somebody thats why they can’t keep no man or woman HONEY and CHILE MELISSA aint nothing but another SNOOP around the FISH TANK. She is a STUD who is trying to fuck around with every woman on here and dont nobody want her except the confused MIMI. Honey why do any of these people have kids. BRING BACK ERICA CHILE right now

    AND WHY DO JESSICA DIME AND LOVELY MIMI look like SIAMESE TWIN LIL KIM CLONES. HONEY GET ME SOME ORANGE JUICE and CHILE YOUNG JOC IS NOTHING BUT A CRADLE ROBBER. He bang every young bitch that come alone so yeah he banged the bitch that is Jasmine. RECEIPTS BITCH

    And WACKA AND TAMMIE’s issue aint nothing compared to these trifling ass bitches and gentlemen. Also MOORIAH need to get her wig SCRAMBLED she so damn selfish talking about TRYING TO HOLD MONEY OVER THAT NIGGA HEAD if the shit didn’t come out about her fucking her husband but the shit still came out and that nigga Shooter and paying none of her bills anymore. I bet you THAT



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