1. Rasheeda is too fine for this ignorant, dangerous BS Kirk allegedly doing. Scrappy is SO FINE!!!!!!!! Karli Redd messy AF and seems 100% insincere. Ernest looks just like his momma! Jasmine is too cute. Too bad she sacrificed her privacy for 15 mins of fame

  2. Damn Kirk u such a sleazeball. You got a Boss Chick & you willing to lose her over a floozy 😒
    Stevie’s daughter gets on my nerve. Shetii god damn rude!
    I love me some Miss Joseline Hernandez😍
    Can’t wait for next week’s episode 😝
    Btw I’m fourth😆😆😝 #pettygang💋

  3. Damn this season is lit! I feel bad for Tommy and Rasheeda. Kirk at this point just tell the truth. If I was Rasheeda I’d take his toothbrush get with Jasmine and do a paternity test. Use that as an evidence for divorce and take all his money. But that’s just me.

  4. Kirk is a dog for treating Rasheeda that way. You can see the pain and misery in Rasheeda’s eyes. He doesnt deserve another chance. He done doing Rasheeda dirty. Karli, I understand as a friend she wants to find out more for her friend but you can clearly tell she wants to know the gossip more than genuinely helping her friend. Tommie was dead wrong for calling her mom a b*tch. Her mom was home taking care of her kids while she is in jail once again…how dare she?? jazmine, i dont feel bad for her. What did she think was gonna happen when you have a baby by a married man? Mama dee is funny but she needs to cut Ernest a slack. He loves her and been putting up with her nonsense for too long now…always putting the man down..not cool Mama Dee…Yung joc is funny as hell but i cant with that hair of his…For some reason, i love me some Stevie and Joseline..they look like they still love each other…

  5. this girl jazmin is straight messy asf telling rod to go pay mimi a visit smh ..rasheeda rasheeda a baby is a bad hit to take outside a marriage damn kirk u done lost rasheeda now shoulda been honest.

  6. why is stevie jay’s daughter trying to be all up in the mix? she’s not love & hip hop potential lol she a better fit on the stevie jay’s tv show.

  7. Damn the Kirk and Rasheeda story was heartbreaking. Can she divorce him already…17 yrs dont mean shit when you’re married to a rodent.

  8. Wow…Rasheeda the ball in you court…do whatever you have to.
    Stevie handling Joseline bad. I agree that his daughter should just be on the summer show not on LHHATL.
    Karlie is a good friend who didn’t mind going get the tea and i felt she was genuine.
    Momma Dee has to stop putting Ernest down after all she know what she was dealing with when she re-married.
    Scrappy need to grow up, or he gonna grow old being a boyfriend. Bambi is gorgeous and a go get it type of chick. Snooze and loose Scrappy.
    Tommy is crazy, the way she barked at her mom, smdh; and her scenes make me want to stop being a fan of the show.
    Jazmine could never be on Rasheeda level, yes she is pretty but so are lots of strippers. What is her story other than being a sidechick & babymomma. Know what idc to know. Expose Kirk and 👋.

  9. MahoghanyBrown on

    Im glad Rashida getting her’s she was so quick too laugh at ya girl bought domestic violence, but she the one crying tear’s now. kirk aint shit we all know . no plotline so they developed him one.who cares ….Now getting back to the real plot …is there 1? Its really all played out !!! The only thing still popping is Stevie and Joseline..but @ least Thet tea was hot even if it was stale When.the bit players becoming main characters that’s when you know the show is a wrap.

  10. Thanks 353, Nice episode. Lot of evidence on Kirk. Tommy is just keeping it real. I know that relationship between her and her mom. It needs 2 be shown. Joseline w Stevies underwear Funny but necessary. I love the comments on here.

  11. Did Momma Dee say she’s an international superstar??? 😂😂😂That this was her 2nd hit single??? 😂😂😂 Stop it Momma Dee…just stop.

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