• lakesha


  • ryia


  • Essfx

    First 💖 (353 day 1 fan shit. No new friends 😝)

    Thank you!!!

  • Shekira

    Yessss REUNION come thru

  • Kiree92

    Lights camera action

  • Girly Girl


  • Nae

    Kirk n rasheeda was matching perfectly

  • Cita

    Lol at that majorette comment from Dime. That was funny as hell. Kirk is still not taking responsibility for his actions. He didn’t even attempt to console his wife. Not even a heartfelt public apology for all the drama n hurt.

    • Kandi

      I agree

  • Jessie

    Melissa, Looked Girly & Lookin Good!

  • Can someone tell Lovely Mimi to put some dame clothes on she look so bad in that outfit she had on maybe you ladies show think about getting a stylist to dress you just saying

  • Lisa

    Rasheeda…PLEASE dump Kirk. You are too good for him!

  • nicole

    Screaming MI MI gets on my nerves her voice is irratating,i like Rasheeda but every season Kirks ugly ass is making her look like a damn fool always cheating,Tommie need to grow up,this is just too much drama Melissa looking just like a squirrel straddling the fence,i could go on and on………

  • Mama

    These are some of the THE MOST ratchet bitches on television. It’s a DISGRACE.

  • Kandi

    I feel bad for karlie thought she gad somebody then tommie come along aint got shit else better to do get yo own man its clear kirk dont want rasheeda joseline waa scared of tommy meemee still loud maria trifling cierea dumb

  • bria

    I know im not the only one that saw tanisha from BGC in the audience at 3:31

  • Love

    Somebody plz beat MiMi (chinese) ass…and plzzzzz don’t bring her koud, annoying ass back!!!

  • Nne

    Kirk and Rasheda are still together unless they have the same stylist. Rasheda, I think your mom had something to do with shaping the woman you are today. You have too much going for you to settle. Joseline you have become boring and the show will move on without you. Please don’t use Bonnie as a pawn. No Joseline no storyline for MiMi. The Salon owner and her whole storyline can go. Love Joc, Dime, Tommie, KK, Stevie, Karlie, Moma Dee, Deb and Melissa. They are entertaining.

  • Loves Every 1, 🙂!

    Melissa, Lookin Good!