1. Thank you I Luv I you Also, Finally Stevie got a Backbone.. with that girl.. I cried too. With Scene with Thommie and her Mother. Awesome. .

  2. I can’t wait until the reunion and Joseline needs to grow up like for real, as well as the people in the comments with that “1st n 2nd” shit what is that? Hella annoyin ..

    • SadattaBabiie on

      I swear it’s annoying & juvenile asl… Who tf cares who’s first, second or third? Just leave a damn comment! Uuggghhh… Aggy asf…

  3. Josline couldn’t wait to have that baby talked all that Shit for along time and was never married smdh, all stevie gotta do is let tommie tag that ass , or pay me I’ll do it, lol frfr i can’t stand a greedy hate cold heated manipulative bitch#bully.

  4. SadattaBabiie on

    Joseline has lost her damn mind frfr talking about “Do u know who I am”? We DO know who u are.. A foul mouthed, trashbag, horrible person who tried to get back at Stevie by hurting his daughters. She’ll never find peace until she rights the wrongs she’s done to ppl. I’m happy for Mimi, Dime, Tammy, Carly & Tommie and I feel for Rasheeda, I really do. Time is gonna have to heal those wounds though and I hope she has the strength to do what’s best for her and her kids. The rest of the fellas… Idk… I’ll stay tuned for that. This reunion will be interesting. I’m definitely for all the tea though!! 👏👏👏

  5. I love lovely mimi. Moriah and Treasure need to get beat up every day of their life so that maybe some sense will be knocked into them because they were clearly not raised right. Moriah literally had sex with Ciera’s husband for money, she bragged about it multiple times but she doesn’t want to be called a ho 🤦‍♀️

  6. Praying for Joseline because she made Stevie famous again and now his kids too and they all wanna gang gang on my gurl how fucking terrible vh1 to use and abuse her mentally damn this shit is wrong on so many levels 😥😥😥😭😭😭😭

    • Exactly use that girl for a storyline for everybody to get paid and wanna treat her as if shes nothing I would have been uncooperative with the producers and security too

    • Made Stevie famous? Stevie is a Grammy Award winning producer and will always be that no matter how long ago it was. Joseline is a basic gutter bitch that the world never heard of before this show. She’s going to learn that biting the hand that feeds you is stupid…and karma is everybody’s cousin. The shit she said about that man’s MINOR CHILD was horrible. The show will be better without her.

  7. kirk got some damn nerve talking bout Ms, Shirlene trying to break up his family bitch you broke that up when you was fucking other bitches getting them pregnant and stuff

  8. You are the company you keep If Joseline so horrible why would Mimi have threesome with her and Stevie J and why would his daughter get upset when Joseline came to say she was sorry who cares if she started crying about her abortions, It works out better if family get along not fight. All this fighting is unhealthy for your soul. Never forget but we all need to forgive!

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