• Yes , best episode yet . didnt seem scripted and besides the fight with dime, it was very classy unlike the degrading other episodes

  1. Wow, my son hasn’t had Cheetos and he just turned two. Why addict her to that crap so young. “Parents” sometimes

  2. Kyonna White on

    Great episode i love you jessica dime im so happy for you congrats and i was so happy when you put them paws on treasure p i don’t like her and im happy for you all and i cqn’t stand that goddess quen or what ever the hell she is because she keep up to much drama and talk to much and bonnie bella is so precious and adorable🙂🙂🙂🙂

  3. Blessed Jackson on

    I never get why men would want to marry whores like dime and joseline? then be crappy to women like rasheeda?

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