1. Oh my! Mimi always seem so angry and bitter all the time and every conversation she has comes with Joselines name attached it’s annoying. Job and karlie are childish. I’m glad dyme is happy and that someone special came along to help her tone down that pink hair she had👍🏽🙄🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. Tammy and wake had me smiling they are so cute together. Thanks for the upload

  2. Soooooo, everyone is just going to ignore the fact that dime yanked treasure out that good ol’ seat by her hair???? While joc was trying to shut her up (he seen that ass whooping coming)…he felt it (Tbh, rasheeda should’ve did it)

  3. Dime grabbed her like Chrissy did Kimbella (spell check)…lol
    Hmm, now that I think about it….. The stories seem similar…. SMH. Come on Mona you using old storylines…. Lord! If Mona Scott-Young don’t quit it…. This “franchise” is getting g played…

  4. Yes about time that new bitch is so rattted tat tat the fuck out who is she to chime in on Rasheda i need a bitch like dime on my team .

  5. Mimi need to get fired. I’m over her. She’s boring and stays mad abt the same things in every episode. She adds nothing entertaining to the show.

  6. Now, Logan, All 3 Of Theses Men Need 2 Take DNA Test Find Out Who The Fuckin Father Is & Move On, Just Sayin, 😡!

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if Treasure dating Kirk too. In the previews she kept saying she moved to ATL while dating a married man. Then Rasheeda just rolls out while Dime pounces on Treasure. Dime is the BEST. I like Mimi, but she has to leave all them alone since they are friends with Joseline. Mimi should Take her stand, don’t tolerate it, never forget how far Joseline went, force sides. Tammy caved to quickly with Waka, she must really wanted her baby so she can walk out with something to show for the time spent. Rasheeda run from Kirk. Karlie teach them how to date and move on.


    MAN MELISSA JUST WANT TO EAT THAT PANAMANIAN PUSSY. DO SHE GET TIRED OF USING THAT STRAP ON THAT SHE USED ON MIMI, lol and this JASMINE need to LOCK HER NO BABY DADDY KNOWING PUSSY DOWN and that TRADE baby daddy of hers look like he get down with the men in ATL ….And why do young JOC look like one of the SIX DALMANTIANS AND TEMPTATIONS with his WIDE SPREAD NOSE, lol..DONT NONE OF THEM BITCHES DESERVE TO HAVE LANDED IN JAMAICA. And JOSELINE still looking like he in the Broadway play CHICAGO and doing backup for BURLESQUE. She need to take that 1920s get up off of the scalp she got on. Escalita gonna let somebody eat that pussy, lol. Waka better get used to TAMI’s independence. She aint trying to depend on him. JESSICA DIME GOT THE BIGGEST BOOTY IN JAMIACA. Rasheeda need to push that shit out of KIRK one way or the other. HONEY KARLIE BE ON SOME MESSY BULLSHIT. Somebody need to wreck it shop on her FAKE ASS, lol. HONEY DID MELISSA GET A FREE TRIP TO JAMAICA WITH HER WHITE GIRL SOUNDING ASS, lol?


    HONEY this shit is SO SCRIPTED . How all them NO GOOD MEN they talking about gonna appear out of the blue at the mention of their names. Honey, that don’t happen no where in the world, lol except on Reality TV. Run me my receipts bitch

  10. Vanessa Shaunté on

    Mannnn if MiMi and them hard ass lumped up titties don’t go sit tf down somewhere !! She annoying asf

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