1. Man Joc tripping lol I’ll keep Tommie fuck Karlie but damn these men are lucky!! All them fine black Queens and they cheating lol 😂 SMH

    • Queens huh? Ok, the standard of todays “Queens” must be really low. I do agree though about the cheating. That’s just crazy.

      • Them bitches just want money or a stepping stone i bet when the camera’s aint running they dont give two fuck them nigga’s are not the only men in the Atl poping stop it they lame as fuck maybe Stevie he the only one out side of love and hip hop doing something else.

  2. What is Joseline real issue with Karlie… Like is it something they not showing us. Because from the edit version of this show, it appears Karlie has been on the up and up with her. And like Melissa said, you may not like her delivery but she means well. One thing I will agree with that do make her out to be messy! Buuuuuuut if she has your back, she has it! Just watch what you share… Lol
    I hope Melissa stays on the show, she most definitely is the chill pill they all need. And I live how she handles situation with the ladies… 👏👏👏👏👏

  3. Josline dont like real real bitches she think fighting yo whole life is being real but exactly are you fight for , mimi realy dose not have a story but stevie wont do the show with out her i feel really bad for kirk and Rasheda so sad it make me look at my situation and be like well fuck at least we aint married but at the same time i want to burn something to to bad the only thing my nigga left me was a house , lol

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