1. Please tell what animal Tommy has wrapped her body??? Those shorts is a definite conversation starter..lol

    • I was looking at those sheep pants too.. like that’s supposed to be fashionable?? Ewe that was a baaaaahhhhd 🐐🐐🐑🐑choice haha get it! 😂😂😂😂😂😅😅

  2. I swear each season of LHHATL has more drama than RHOA and LHHNY put together…

    There is so much I want to say already but I’m gonna keep it bottled in and keep watching until I can’t take it no more and explode in these comments

    PS. I am still registering that Kirk f’ked up again! I know y’all mouths drop to the floor like mine when that tea hit the floor

    See y’all next week

  3. Everybody needs a friend like karlie ctfu she will find some shit out for ya ass and wont think twice to tell you😂😂 she be like “”this is a to z what u wanna do”” she had me dying…..

  4. The denial of Joselines baby is just to keep that storyline going😂😂😂 .. they both know Steebie da pappy lol Kirk ☻❄mmm mmm mmm… lying so terribly… but Rasheeda already knew… they been together forever… I can’t believe he is doing her dirty like that.. got the other lady living in one of their properties? 🖕🖕Scumbag!! Sheeda bad asf so she will be fine.. he can’t throw an apology party for this one😑😑😂😂Scrappy cannot be tamed… Joc neither… I like the new girl Melissa she seems super cool! Momma Dee is entertaining as always🍼🍼… Tommy looking a hot ass mess this season.. who is telling her those wigs are cute🙅🙅!? I hope Waka n Tammy figure it out.. I can see the love they have for each other. Mimi looks like she staying out of the way this season… but I’m curious to know about this Rod character… Whew this season seems so action packed! Can’t wait for it all to unfold!

  5. Rasheeda married a lying cheating flea having dog! Kirk has proved that numerous times. I know ur supposed to stick it out through thick & thin, but fuck that! Ur nor going to keep doing the same shit, making the same mistakes over & over. At some point ur gonna have to learn from them!!!! He makes me sick. Gotta keep cheating when he has a beautiful family at home

  6. Those lamb, sheep, wool, OE whatever those shorts Tommie had on was THE UGLIEST OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!🐏🐐🐩🐱🐁🐢🐥🐔🐄😂

  7. This season is gon be on point wow.. The fights, the low-life ass husbands.. The crazy sex partners, the gay bitches, the scary hoes lol, the mfin gossiping, this show is crazy but i keep watchin…

  8. I absolutely love this show it never ceases to entertain. This keeps me on the edge of my seat. When that girl named Kirk as the baby father I think a family of flies flew in my mouth I had it open so long lol. And Scrap mama lost so much weight I almost didn know who she was, maybe she depressed over her son bein locked up. Im so glad LHHATL is back on wow the NY one needs to be cancelled asap.

  9. Joseline is trash. Why should Stevie be there until the baby is born that hoe was shady boots from jump. Stevie no angel but he’s a cool dude and tried to make it happen but this his karma for cheating on Mimi treating her like shxt. Joseline got her own karma coming too. Kirk ugh …young joc is hilarious

  10. My comments are coming soon I’m still in shock to really say anything but I will say this. Kirk Frost is a dirty dumb piece of shit. Fuck him girl enough is enough he laying up raw he shows he didn’t care about his family or himself you put her at risk as well as yourself. He’s old enough to know better. Smh

  11. Joc is the homie of the year…he finessed that situation like a true friend… Joc and his hair get my respect #salute
    On another note…..I hate Mimi’s titties. I hate Mimi’s tittiesssssss!!!!!!!!!
    ….They look disgusting from the day she got em done…they look uncomfortable….pushed up too much like she wants them shits to hit her chin. Plus…. They haven’t settled yet..they look like bricks…please massage them shits…..please…..wtf.

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