• I hope you mean a family, too many people got what they wanted just asking for a baby. Just saying, be careful what you wish for. There’s power in the tongue.

  1. This was beautiful, I hope they do right by the baby.
    I hope people don’t think babies stay small and cute forever, and that they are baby dolls because when reality hits you, it’s gonna hit you like a ton of bricks. I am a mother of 4, and I have a husband and it’s still not easy. I wish anyone considering just “having a baby” take your time and find the right man and have a family.

  2. Am I the only one who thought it was nasty for Joseline to be having sex while pregnant with someone other than the parent. Lord have mercy on Joseline.

  3. MissTSippa on

    Nicky baby is so trashy she f***ing everybody. Joseline is so funny only she would think of that kooty kat cake lol. Congrats new mom!

  4. I was gonna stop watching then Mona Scott cranks this out. Now I’m glued right back in to this ratchedness. Mona is a genius lol.

  5. I done cried I don’t know how much I am so proud of Joseline becoming a mother is one of the greatest things that can happen to a woman and I am a mother of 2 boys one is decreased and my miracle baby is everything to me and I can truly tell you babies will change you and Joseline just seems like she is in such a better place in life and within herself I cried like I know her personally such a great episode thanks for letting the world follow this journey with you and to see a different side to you many blessings to you and your family 😘😘😘😘

  6. I absolutely loved loved loved this episode. The Puerto Rican Princess has always been my favorite. She keeps it real and now she is a mother. Take care of little Bonnie Bella, she is absolutely adorable.

  7. This really made me cry, also this woke my game up I’m about to give birth to twins in 3 months .. Lord be with me. Congrats to Joseline n Stevie their baby is beautiful.

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