1. I actually like it. Less drama, more humor. Its like a comic version of love and hip hop. Something like the husbands of hollywood. Less foolishness.

    • Yessss! I was thinking the same thing Bwari. No women fighting over the same man, having babies to one up another fist fighting, name calling . Comedy 😊

    • That’s because Tara, Amina and Erica not in the show now but Yandy and mendecees baby mommas still fighting on here and Bianca just was arguing with some new chick trying to take her man and so did cardi B in the beginning! Have you even been watching this season or just caught this episode which still had drama!

  2. The market has really become dried up….when a legend like Faith Evans is willing to go with Stevie….that or she’s getting paid Six figures to act like its legit.

  3. why is tommy joc and scrap here they barely bang wit stevie on l&hh these people are pathetic and Faith desperate

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