• Lina


  • Lina

    Omg I love Issa and Molly….they some sluts but I love em n they remind me of me n my bestie!! Not the slut part….well….👀 😂😂😂

    • BBBEE25TEE

      Lmao at the well ….haha! I know what that means. You had to rethink that huh. Lmao.

    • zena

      why women enjoying and exploring their sexuality always gotta be sluts.

      • Malia


        • zena

          Dear Miss Shut Up Please – Let me guess, you’re one of them repressed ones uncomfortable with your own sexuality and want others to be the same and see one man at a time, not enjoy sex, feel embarrassed or shameful, wait till marriage blah blah. Girl – stop hating. Start living. Sexuality is a beautiful thing to be explored as long as one is comfortable in doing so.

  • ti

    I wanna see Due North!

    • Issa was hinting at a Due North web series during live tweet last night!

      • ti

        Really? I would LOVE that!

        • ti

          I think that it’s available on demand on HBO

  • Kadijah S

    Mines not working :'(

  • MissChell Stringfellow

    OMG! It’s been deleted??

  • kyle

    make it work plz
    its not working for me, it usually works

  • Tee Miller

    Love it hate to see it end

  • Malia

    Love the Music, on this show

  • Matty Burnside

    This mfkn season sountrack tho bitch, got dayum!!!